7 Tips on All-White Kitchen Design Inspiration

White is one of the favorite colors for the kitchen. The characteristic white color makes the kitchen look modern, clean, neat, and bright. But, an all-white kitchen is often considered boring. But this assumption is not entirely wrong.

If it’s not clever, a kitchen that is dominated by white will indeed invite boredom. There are special tricks for juggling all-white kitchen looks super beautiful. Here are some creative ways to design a white kitchen to make it look more attractive and not boring.

1. Hanging Lamp, Changing the Atmosphere

hanging kitchen lamp

Installing a chandelier is an ingenious trick to change the atmosphere of the kitchen. If you want an all-white kitchen to look elegant, choose a silver or stainless steel chandelier like in the IS House kitchen. Want to be even braver to turn the atmosphere of the kitchen? Try choosing a dark red chandelier. For example, the lampshade is made of bronze. Two, three, or four hanging lamps can change the atmosphere of the drab white kitchen to become more energetic.

2. Contrasted Patterned Floor

There is nothing wrong with kitchen cabinets or white walls. The dominance of this bright color category will only make the kitchen look bright and spacious. Want to give a special touch so that the kitchen becomes super beautiful and character? Choose a contrasting patterned floor, like a batik motif floor in the kitchen of Taman Cilandak House. You can also consider wood flooring or stone floor motifs. This contrasting floor will be a magnet that enlivens the kitchen atmosphere.

3. Subway Tiles for Kitchen Walls

A beautiful all-white kitchen can be varied using ceramic subway patterns or subway tiles. This ceramic pattern is a classic pattern used in the subway area of ​​New York City in the 1900s. Now the subway ceramic pattern is back in use and is becoming popular in Scandinavian or classic modern styles. A touch of ceramic subway patterns in a white kitchen will make the kitchen more elegant with a classic feel.

4. Combination of Open Shelves in All-White Kitchen

open shelves kitchen

For storage of kitchen equipment, do not have to use a fully enclosed cabinet. Just combine it with open shelves that can show various kitchen objects. For example, use a closed drawer at the bottom then open shelves for the top. The unique color and shape of kitchen utensils placed on the open shelves will be a beautiful decoration.

5. Kitchen Window Replacement Skylights

The existence of a window will indeed make the kitchen an abundance of natural light. For the all-white kitchen, large windows provide special advantages. The kitchen not only gets brighter but also supports the creation of the illusion of a wider space. Then, what if the kitchen does not have a window?

Building limitations often make the kitchen not have a window. The solution just uses skylights. Skylights are roof glass that is able to channel the sun’s natural light. The choice also varies. Decide if you want a large or small design or one that can be opened or permanent. With skylights, the all-white kitchen becomes super beautiful with the natural light of the sun.

6. Green decoration in an all-white kitchen

The next decoration suitable for an all-white kitchen is a green alias plant decoration. Green plants that contrast with the dominance of white will become a prominent decoration and refresh the atmosphere. Just add lots of green plants in various corners of the kitchen, ranging from small to large shapes. Present a variety of indoor plants, ranging from flowering ornamental plants to creeping foliage. Thus, your kitchen will look more beautiful and fresher.

7. A Touch of Contrast Colors That Liven Up the Atmosphere

yellow theme kitchen

Actually, it is not difficult to liven up the atmosphere of the kitchen all white. No need for major renovations, just give a touch of color contrast to one or two points. Among them, add red or orange on the door frame, put brightly colored decorations on the kitchen table, or choose contrasting kitchenware. A patch of contrasting colors will stand out amidst the dominance of white and produce a more vibrant kitchen scene.