Tiny Kitchen Trends That Will Increase Your Cooking Mood at Home

The kitchen is one of the spaces in the house that is rarely considered even though its function is crucial. With an increasingly narrow home area, a small kitchen is now not only a necessity but also a separate trend. Check out the limited kitchen area with a few tips below that make you increasingly comfortable spending time at home.

Play the color

red color kitchen shelves


The choice of minimalist monochrome colors is a trend shared by most petty kitchen owners. White, for example, is a surefire trick to juggle a small kitchen space, so it looks more spacious and relieved. So as not to be monotonous, mix with other striking colors such as a touch of bold red, fresh blue, or neon.

Add Motifs on the Wall or Floor

Not yet dare to replace the entire wall paint, the dream of a beautiful kitchen, and make you feel at home can still be realized. You do this by playing motifs on the kitchen wall or floor. In the midst of the dominance of monochrome colors on the cabinet and kitchen table, choose a beautifully patterned backsplash or change the tiles with classic motifs. For those with a tight budget, add a patterned cloth or mat to enhance the look of the kitchen.

Integrate with the Dining Room

white dining room

A limited home area is not an obstacle to having a comfortable kitchen. One of the more popular kitchen trends is to integrate it with the dining table. Simply add a mini kitchen bar that can replace the dining table and add a bench or chair with a unique color or model. Besides being simpler and saving space, a modern impression will be increasingly felt.

Add a Touch of Nature

green theme kitchen

Incorporating elements from nature is known as a surefire way to make the home environment feel more fresh and comfortable, likewise with kitchen decoration. If confused, looking for a way to decorate the kitchen, try adding a small indoor plant. Not only as a home accessory but also effectively filters the air. Another idea is to grow herbs that are often used for cooking, such as basil, basil, and scented rosemary.

Functional Cabinet Selection

The kitchen can be tiny, but with the right arrangement, every corner can be used optimally. Create a kitchen cabinet design vertically so that each drawer can be used optimally. For example, the top cabinet is used to store containers, while in the middle to store herbs, cups, or dishes. If the use of a closed cupboard makes a small kitchen feel increasingly narrow, replace it with an open shelf that gives the impression of space and makes it easier for you to find kitchen equipment.

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