Simple Outdoor Kitchen Design in the Backyard

Outdoor kitchen design gives a different sensation. Cooking activities will be more fun with the concept of a kitchen that integrates with nature.

In addition to cooking, many kitchens also function as a gathering place. The kitchen is sometimes combined with the dining room.

The kitchen is one of the important rooms in a house. Without a kitchen, it feels like something is missing or incomplete.

Outdoor Kitchen Design in the Backyard
Having a house is everyone’s dream. A simple house does not have to be grand and spacious will make it comfortable when occupied.

cozy kitchen

The main function of the house as a place to stay for shelter and gather with family. Every room in the house already has its respective functions.

The kitchen is one part of the room in the house that often gets a lot of attention. Outdoor kitchen design is now preferred for various reasons.

For example, because they want a kitchen with open space and minimalist home. So the concept of a kitchen outside is very suitable for use.

In general, open kitchen designs do not have a partition. If you want a permanent kitchen design in the backyard, check out some of our reviews below.

1. Modern Minimalist Style Outdoor Kitchen

The kitchen is an open space in the backyard of the house that can be made with a minimalist modern style. The theme used can be in the form of monochrome; the boundary can be a door made of glass.

If you are going to have a BBQ party, then simply open the glass door. Guests will be spoiled with views of the garden while enjoying a banquet.

2. Kitchen Outside the House Ala Kedai

The concept of a kitchen design outside the shophouse style in the main part of the kitchen is inside the house. However, the window design is very large, so that it will freely connect the presence of a table outside the room.

Family members can gather and enjoy food while breathing in the cool air in the backyard garden. This shop-style kitchen design does not require a large space, so it is more efficient.

Large tables outside the windows are furnished with neatly arranged chairs. This family gathering area is very effective.

3. Mediterranean Kitchen Outdoor

The next outdoor kitchen design is the Mediterranean style. You can beautify the wall with a backsplash of natural stone that has been previously coated.

If you want a modern-looking kitchen, you can design a kitchen island in black. The cooker hood can also be used to avoid smoke when cooking.

4. Outdoor Kitchen along the Hallway

Outdoor theme kitchen can be made along the side aisle to the backyard. The outer wall of the house can be an alternative place to lean the kitchen.

Furniture with a shiny surface like stainless can make the look and design of a more modern outdoor kitchen. In addition, you can also combine black or white.

At the corner of the hall, place the dining table. Then the kitchen island is equipped with a dishwasher and a toaster.

5. Outdoor Kitchen in a Rural House

This rustic-style outdoor kitchen is a must for you to try. Especially if you really like the fuel-burn event using firewood.

Many people assume that cooking using wood will have a stronger taste.

Materials for building an outdoor kitchen design can use wood. The grill can also use a wood-burning stove.

Complete furniture with wood so that the more traditional nuances are in rural areas.

Advantages of Outdoor Kitchen Design

Having an open kitchen or outside the home turned out to have many benefits. The smell of cooking will not be trapped in the kitchen room if you have an open space.

Wood dining room


In addition, open kitchen design will also add concentration when cooking. This is because noise such as conversation, TV sound, and music will be minimized by having a kitchen in the backyard.

Kitchen lighting will also be maximized when outside the room. More natural light will enter the kitchen area and will give a wider kitchen effect than the actual size.

The mood of cooking will also be further enhanced by the coolness of the surrounding gardens. The decoration is also easier to replace if you have an outdoor kitchen design.