Come Apply These Minimalist Kitchen Designs at Home!

So, the comfort level of the kitchen plays an important role in achieving this. If the kitchen is a mess, the stuff is also dark, who can stand there for long? Conversely, if the kitchen is neat, bright and well ventilated, mothers and other family members who want to make food and drinks will feel at home and may even bring up new ideas and creativity in food processing. Interested to immediately remodel the look of a minimalist kitchen to become more modern and up to date? The following can be copied from a minimalist kitchen design ideas.

Modern Red Gray Kitchen

Mixing red with gray turns out not to be a bad idea. In fact, it gives the impression of fresh because, previously, rarely, these two colors are used simultaneously. The first impression upon seeing this minimalist kitchen design was enthusiasm because of the dominant use of red. Because the use of red is quite striking, then you no longer need to install a kitchen set that is too excited. Simply install a simple kitchen set typical of a modern kitchen, then the total charge can be immediately felt.

All White Kitchen Design

all white

Do you want to use the all-white concept? Don’t be afraid to get dirty! Just use materials that are easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about splashes or residual stains when cooking will be left behind. Another key, if you want to adopt this minimalist kitchen design, is to always be ready for stain cleaning fluid because after all, no matter how easy the material is cleaned from stains, if not immediately cleaned for a long time, will become damaged too. This modern kitchen will also give the impression of space, and space is also brighter, especially if your kitchen area is originally narrow.

Monochrome Kitchen Design

Monochrome color as if the style never dies. Similarly, when applied to a modern kitchen. The sleek and sharp impression will be obtained through the use of black and white in the cooking section. So as not too plain, then install patterned or patterned tiles on the wall. But still, remember to choose motives or patterns to a minimum so as not to get out of the main concepts.

Chocolate Kitchen Design

wood minimalist

Brown shades also never go out of style. Want to bring a classic impression on your minimalist kitchen? So just use all shades of brown color guaranteed that impression will appear in mind. Even the use of brown color is not limited to large areas only, small and narrow areas can still use chocolate as the main color. The key is to use as much light brown shade as possible and install a super simple kitchen set so as not to create a complicated impression.

Brick Minimalist Kitchen

Want to be anti-mainstream? Try applying brick accents on your kitchen wall. Stylish and modern at the same time! Use brightly colored bricks to create a more spacious atmosphere. With the use of this brick too, a tropical atmosphere can be present in an instant to your beautiful kitchen. Match with the use of furniture in light gray and white to keep it looking clean and practical. This idea can be used for large areas and narrow kitchens.

Minimalist Gray Kitchen

Dark minimalist kitchen set

Gray and light brown is also not a bad idea. The first impression that arises from this minimalist kitchen is cozy and warm at one time. Gray gives a comfortable feeling while brown sweep brings a warm feeling. This minimalist kitchen is very fitting to be used in narrow spaces and minimalist concept housing as a whole because it is a simple minimalist color matching like this, too, is typically used in minimalist homes.

After seeing the designs above, what do you think would be your choice? But of course, before you do your makeover, you should pay attention to a number of things, whether you really like the design and color, whether it is applied to the space you have. Don’t just fall in love with an idea and then force it, yes! Remember, you can still modify the ideas above to make them more suitable according to criteria. Happy creativity!