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The vinyl flooring has been installed. It is illustrated here for consistency with the rest of the kitchen remodeling pictures.


We decided on vinyl flooring because ceramic floor tile is difficult to clean at the grout. A hardwood flooring was out because the rest of the house is done in hardwood flooring. Plus, along with the cabinets, it might be too much wood for a kitchen. Laminate flooring seemed like moister could get in between the pieces, and we just didn't trust the idea.


We had seen some vinyl flooring which looked amazingly like real ceramic floor tile, marble floor tile, and other natural stone tiles. We just needed to find the right one.


We found some amazing patterns. Manufacturers have a photographic process that gets applied to vinyl floor. Even grass mats, bamboo, and bricks were realistically represented.


In choosing the vinyl flooring, we went to all the local flooring companies, and looked at all the same 90% of samples at each store without finding anything too exciting. Finally, at one company, we found an exclusive premium Mannington vinyl floor.


We took home the sample and a few others just for due diligence, and scattered them around the floor. It took about 5 seconds to proclaim the winner - the premium Mannington flooring - the Landscapes model - Hooray, we had our flooring picked out.


When placing the order, we had the option of a seamless installation. One single vinyl peace could be used in this long galley way kitchen and dining room. Costing only a little more, we went with this option for benefit of seamless installation. We also needed kick boards around the perimeter of the attached dining room. Our vendor gave us the option of buying and painting the kick board ourselves and they would cut and install the it. This was a great option since I don't seem to be too competent at installing kick board.


The measurement guy came by, to take down all the numbers, and surveyed for any special requirements or problem areas. We talked about whether to remove the old floor or not. Removal of the old floor would require all new sub-flooring boards at considerable cost. Since he advised it was ok to leave the old floor in place, we opted for the savings.


The installation date arrived and the installers showed up on time. They were personable and well spoken. That helps in the confidence and communication department - that they understand what is to be done, and the special instructions such as the seamless install, and kick boards.


The installers moved everything out of the area, prepared the old flooring, and laid out the pattern for the single piece installation. It took most of the day, but they did a great job. Even the kick board was installed using mitered corners far better than I could have done using my crummy hand miter and un-flat walls and floor.


The installers didn't damage a thing either. Not the painted walls, or the kitchen cabinet refacing. Even the wood molding around the our newly refaced cabinets were replaced looking like the original install. It really looks great. People are surprised to learn it's not ceramic floor tile, it's vinyl flooring!.


Our dog slobbers her water all over the floor. Add in two cats, and you can imagine the mess. Let me tell you, this floor does not show the dirt at all! Our previous floor showed every little smudge. But not this floor. I cannot express how well it hides dirt. That's not to say it doesn't need mopping now and then, but that's the cleaners job to worry about.



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