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Track lighting selected and installed

The fluorescent lighting is removed. New low voltage track lighting is installed. Check out these pictures.

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The kitchen fluorescent lighting was the kind commonly found at your local home deprecation depot, and can be seen in some of the pictures in the Kitchen Appliances section.


For the kitchen lighting, we went with a low voltage track lighting that is all the rage these days. I don't usually like using something that becomes dated too easily, but this was something best to submit to - and it looks and works great.


At a nearby lighting shop, we found the low voltage track lighting we liked best. We installed it the next weekend.


Installing the low voltage track lighting was straight forward enough.

I first installed the transformer and mounting base at the same same location as the original point of power in the kitchen. Then we mounted the first section of track.


This is the kind of track lighting that you can bend into whatever shape you like. So I wisely let the wife decide on the correct bendy-ness of each section of the track lighting. Then we'd hold the section up to the ceiling aligned with the previous section, marked a hole for mounting the support, installed the support, and moved onto the next section.


Instructions require using rubber gloves to avoid getting skin oils on the track, and that is good advice. Oils could cause discoloration, as the instructions stated. But you have to connect each section of track with tiny screws and brackets. Extreme patients is called for when doing this with rubber gloves on your hands.


Perhaps more important than the gloves when handling the tracking, is using gloves when handling the halogen bulbs. One should never handle any high temperature bulb with bare hands. Heat dissipation is adversely affected by the oils, and can cause failure of the light bulb.


The pictures will show that the small clear glass lamp shades take on a red glow when the halogen bulbs shine through. While this was a bit of a surprise, it was not an unpleasant one, since the color adds to the decor, and it does not radiate red colored light into the room. I adjusted the direction of each light for even illumination and it worked out well.


A secondary theme - secondary to the deco stainless, is the martini. We found some cool kitchen towels with a martini stitched into it. And the latest addition to this kitchen is a martini themed light switch plate for the main kitchen lighting switch.



Have a look at these pictures..

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