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No more cast iron porcelain sink. Today we get a close-up of the stainless steel kitchen faucet and sink.

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We definitely wanted a stainless steel sink to match our appliances. We were concerned about the amount of noise that a stainless steel sink would make while the kitchen faucet is running. On the other hand, we were also instructed to make sure to purchase a quality kitchen sink that cost in the range of $500 to $600 dollars. This is important, because and undermount kitchen sink cannot be replaced without major construction. You wouldn't want to skimp on the stainless steel sink during a project like this anyway.


Our concern about noise turned out to be totally unfounded. The sink we selected for our kitchen is coated on the backside with a sound dampening material. I would expect any stainless steel sink in the target cost range to have the same. There is absolutely no tinny sound coming from the sink at any time. When the stainless steel faucet is running, it sounds dead, like it would with a cast iron sink with porcelain coating. Same thing is true when moving dishes around in the sink or doing any hand washing.


The sink is stainless steel, by Blanco Sinks, and for kitchen faucet, we went with Grohe. The Grohe faucet is very high quality, but it tends to have only two settings. It's either on, full blast, or it's off. It is difficult to set the Grohe kitchen faucet to run at any rate other than full blast and off. It's also a low pressure faucet - meaning that the water comes out without the force of most kitchen faucets. That's not to say it's slow to fill the coffee pot or the dogs water dish, it's volume is good, it's just that the pressure is low, and if you want some force in the spray setting for dishwashing, you're not going to get it.


Don't get me wrong about the kitchen faucet, it's an awesome product, it just might not exactly be what you're used to in a kitchen faucet. And despite the low pressure, its flow volume does fill any container as fast or faster than any faucet you are accustom to.


Take a closeup view at the Blanco stainless steel kitchen sink and Grohe kitchen faucet. The air gap is often a neglected item. More in depth kitchen sink selection is available here. And without missing a step, we have some fine, money saving tips for kitchen sink faucet selection too

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