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Every detail in a kitchen remodeling project requires a decision. Everything including the kitchen sink - literally. But how do you know what the right decision is for you - what factors should you considered before deciding? You will probably spend plenty of time using this sink just like your stove top, oven, and other features of the kitchen.

There are so many different options when choosing a kitchen sink but one of the big decisions will be whether to go with an Undermount kitchen sinks model or overmount.


Let's start with the pros. One of the big advantages of the undermount kitchen sink is that they give a very clean, modern look that many homeowners prefer. They are ideal for remodeling projects that include the installation of granite countertops. Granite is installed right over the sink seamlessly.

under mount kitchen sinks

The undermount sinks are a lot easier to clean. This is a huge advantage considering all the dirty pots and pans that find their way to the sink. The last thing you want is do scrub to get the sink clean all the time. you want to keep that sink shiny and clean.


There are a few disadvantages to the undermount kitchen sinks which should be taken into consideration before making any decisions. For one thing, there are aren't as many styles to choose from. And they often cost a little more than their counterpart. Budget stretched projects have little room for the added expense.

Another disadvantage to the undermount style sink is that they can not be replaced without lifting off the coutertop - that's what makes them undermount - they are installed before the countertop is in place. In most cases, if this type of sink needs replacing, it comes at the cost of a brand new countertop.

If you're happy with your current countertop, but not your undermount sink, then you're in for a costly surprise if you want to replace it. In these circumstances, consider a sink renovation instead. Companies that specialize in this can do a great job and make your old sink look like new.

Make sure you take the time to consider your options, as well as the design of the room overall, and use this to help you make the best decision.

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