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Having a bar sink in or near the kitchen has some great advantages and adds a touch elegance and luxury to a living space. While the conventional kitchen sink is great for normal kitchen tasks like rinsing all those fruits and veggies as well as washing the dishes after that scrumptious meal.

A bar sink is often installed in a kitchen island within easy reach of the many flavoring ingredients found in that room. Or a location in a more relaxed living room is with a built in mini refrigerator or ice machine will make a luxurious statement.

Bar sinks come in a variety of colors, materials, styles and sizes, with single sinks having a usual measurement of 10-12 inches, and stainless steel being the most popular material. Over-mount and under-mount are also considerations in cost versus look with the under-mount looking best. Especially when granite is used as a worktop.

Bar sinks often utilize tall goose neck faucets which leave plenty of room tow work in what is normally a fairly small and even shallow sink. Quarter turn levers used to control the water flow make using the area convenient and easy.

On to the choices of material:

The most common material homeowners choose, as mentioned already, is the stainless steel sink. Larger kitchen sized counterparts work best with sound arresting coating on the underside surface, while smaller bar sinks do not need this treatment.

There are solid surfaces such as granite which is the Cadillac or materials or you could go with one of the new manufactured stone sheets made out of color matched mineral compounds that. They cost less that granite, look great compared to Formica, but not so great compared to a nice granite, so let the budget be your guide.

The kitchen bar sink offers a great deal of utility and to the entertaining host. Obviously there is cost involved in this installation, there could even be extensive plumbing for water and drainage depending on how extensive the modifications are.

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