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When planning for a new kitchen remodeling project, each detail needs to be given due consideration. The careful consideration the kitchen sink configuration is no exception.

In fact, selecting a kitchen sink that suits the way you like to use your kitchen might not be as easy it sounds. Among the popular double bowl configurations available, there are many still many different bowl size configurations to consider too.

For the very small kitchen with limited cabinet space, the only thing that might fit is a single bowl sink. But for the medium to large sized kitchens, or projects where the floor cabinetry will be replaced, you have the opportunity to exercise more options regarding the type of kitchen sink you might use.

The double bowl kitchen sink is more versatile than the regular single bowl sinks of years past. Both bowls can be the same size or they can be different, and one bowl will usually connect to a garbage disposal.

The trade off with these sinks is that you don't have the single largest possible sink like the single bowl types do. Depending on what kinds of things you need to use your sink for - including hobbies, or washing pets etc, a large single bowl might be best for you. But there's always the bathtub for those large jobs - washing the dog or cleaning parts from that Chevy 350 you're rebuilding.

Usually, the kitchen cabinets decide what sized sink will fit but you can accommodate

Symmetrical bowls

Traditionally, the basins in double bowl kitchen sinks are equal or balanced in size. Most medium-sized pans and pots will fit the basins. However, if you have a large family, this type of double bowl sinks may not ideal for you. Large cookie sheets and large pots and pans will not easily for cleaning.

Asymmetrical bowls

This type of sink has one large basin, and one smaller one. This ideal setup fits large pots and pans for cleaning while still leaving a separate basin which is ideal for defrosting foods, washing produce, or anything else you can think of.

This type of double bowl kitchen sink gives the flexibility of multiple basin sinks and at the same time leaves plenty of space for larger pots and pans, washing the dog, or anything else you might need to use the sink for, and even things in your future that you haven't thought of yet.

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