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In many kitchen layouts, corner space is frequently wasted and simply treated as additional work space. A great way to leverage kitchen counter corner is to install a small sink which frees up the main sink space that it would normally have taken up for things like draining washed fruits and vegetables.

A corner kitchen sink also allows you to design your kitchen more efficiently with better use of the surrounding space for food preparation activities. With two sinks in the kitchen, you can have a helper performing time consuming preparation chores while you concentrate on your own prep tasks.

You can get any shape sink needed to fit this area. Even triangular sinks and bowls are not out of bounds. Alternatively, you can sometimes fit a double bowl sink into the space, with a garbage disposal under one of the bowels. Each bowl can then be dedicated to a specific use, and the working area to the side of each dedicated to that activity.

Another advantage of a corner kitchen sink in addition to getting twice the work done, is that you are unlikely to have people getting in your way while using on or the other sink. Certainly not as you might by standing in the main part of the kitchen. Corners are generally low traffic areas, while traditional kitchen sinks tend to be situated in areas of higher floor traffic. Access to each side of the corner triangle is a lot easier, and you should be in nobody’s way working in a corner.

Water supply and drainage should be simple enough problems to overcome since pipes can be run through most types of kitchen cabinet, and the corner closest to these supplies is generally convenient since they tend to come from an outside wall. However, if the corner has no external walls, it should be possible to run the piping concerned without too many problems.

Many people are making full use of the available in space in their kitchen these days, there is now a wide range of design options for corner sink units. Bowls come in many shapes and sizes, the most popular for corners being round or triangular. Then there's a wide choice of faucets that can work in this space too. These can be installed so that the one faucet unit can be swiveled to serve two bowls in a corner unit plus the garbage disposal unit.

The materials for corner sink units range from stainless steel to copper or even granite. This gives a wide range of creativity with limitless design opportunities available to you. The usual accessories, such as vegetable sprayer nozzles, are available so a corner sink unit is just as functional as any other.

If you need more space in your kitchen - and who doesn't, a corner kitchen sink could provide just the space you need without too much expense. Corners are usually wasted space and this is a good way of using that space to its maximum potential. Why not have a good look at all the corners in your kitchen and determine if you are using them to the best advantage. You could free up a lot of unused space.

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