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Stainless steel kitchen sinks, and to a lesser extent porcelain sinks, can be seen in many homes but only a copper kitchen sinkcopper kitchen sink catches the eye with its timeless beauty.

In order to add a touch of classic elegance to the kitchen, a significant and growing number of people are selecting a copper sink for their kitchen or bar remodeling project. It's not surprising, given that the high-end copper sink of today comes in exquisitely beautiful hand-crafted traditional and contemporary designs, each in a class of their own.

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What's so unique about a copper kitchen sink?

One of the mot unique aspects of a copper kitchen sink is the material itself. Unlike porcelain or stainless steel, copper becomes more appealing to the eye with age.

This is because copper reacts naturally with different environments and over time, it will reflect light in a manner that will give your it subtle, alternating tones and shades of exquisite beauty. In fact, you can safely say that a copper kitchen sink is the "chameleon" among kitchen sinks.

What does it have that other sinks do not?

Apart from giving a unique look and feel to your kitchen, copper kitchen sinks are durable and stain-resistant, too. What's more, the metal with which they are made is known to possess natural, anti-bacterial properties, which make a copper kitchen sink a safe, healthy and hygienic option to have at home.

However, to retain such properties, it is a smarter idea to invest in a non-coated design. The coated versions can suppress the natural, anti-bacterial properties.

What's a 'hand-hammered' copper sink?

Hand-hammered copper sinks are made by highly experienced artisans who use the ancient art form of hand hammering to turn a sheet of copper into a sink and then hand finish it. A hand-hammered sink is growing in popularity as it has a truly unique look about it because no two sinks are exactly the same.

What about finding copper-matching accessories?

You can certainly find a faucet and other accessories to match your copper kitchen sink. However, insofar as faucets, there are two options to choose from. You can either opt for a copper-plated faucet or one in solid copper.

The plated, faucets are basically brass or steel faucets that are plated with copper which, in turn, is further coated with a transparent material to prevent discoloration of the plating over time. A solid copper faucet is more natural in appearance, but must be coated with a transparent sealant to prevent the effects of its reaction with air.

What's the best way to clean a copper kitchen sink?

When in comes to a copper kitchen sink, it's not only how good it looks, it's how long it looks good. You can keep it looking good with regular maintenance and cleaning. You can use a soap and water solution, which is one of the easiest and most effective methods; wax, specially formulated for application to copper kitchen sink surfaces; and polish, which is recommended for use on your copper sink, or olive oil. However, make sure to avoid the use of chemical products for your, as these can adversely affect the copper material used.

There's no doubt that a copper kitchen sink is a striking component to any kitchen remodeling project. Cleaning is easy, matching faucets and dispensers are readily available, and the oxidizing color changes along with one of a kind hand hammered models make each one like no other.

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