Dishwasher Air gap

A dishwasher air gap can save your bacon in the event of a backup. But an air gap pointing the wrong way doesn't help much.

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It's worth bringing up the subject of the dishwasher air gap in your kitchen. Thats the thing that mounts either directly to your kitchen sink, or the counter top. In the even that your dishwasher backs up, this little gadget makes sure the water gets directed into your sink so the dishwasher can empty out.


You want to make sure the air gap actually point towards the sink so that it can do it's job properly. If you have an unattentive spouse or house cleaners, the dishwasher air gap seems to constantly point in any direction other than the sink. If my dish washer were to back up, the water would spill from the air gap all over the place, and probably ruin that expensive new kitchen cabinet refacing job that looks so good, or even damage the flooring.


Perhaps other models of air gap have a way of limiting where the air gap opening points, but my air gap model does not. I'm trying to figure out a good way to limit where the air gap opening can point, but I havn't come up with any good solutions. If you have one to recommend I'd like to hear, and I can post your comment here.


Until then, it's good to make a habbit of observing where your air gap opening points, and make sure it points into the sink. You will be so thankful you did when that dishwasher finally does back up.



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