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Choosing the kitchen sink for your remodeling project is not something to leave to the last minute as a trivial decision. The wrong sink selection can affect the ease if cooking and cleanup, and can even huge impact on the elegance of your new kitchen.

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So what are some guidelines for buying the best kitchen sink for your project? There are some good simple rules you can checklist to make sure the bases are covered.

1: Do not buy a sink that does not fit into your budget.
2: Make sure the size is suitable for cleaning the types of cookware that you like to work with.
3: Cleaning - All kitchen sink types can scratch during heavy cleaning - consider the abuse your sink is likely to subject to.

Over-mount kitchen sinks - sometimes referred to as self-rimming, these sinks are the least expensive types of kitchen sinks because they're the easiest to install. But depending on preference and selection, they aren't as elegant as the other types of sinks.

Under-mount kitchen sinks - This type of kitchen sink is slightly more expensive than the over-mount ones. This type of sink, just as the name implies, is attached underneath the countertop with its edges concealed underneath the contertop material of choice.

Integral Sinks - This type of kitchen sink is the most expensive of all three because of how it 's incorporated with the countertop. Typically, integral sinks are made of the same material as the countertop. They are custom formed from the material of choice to the size and shape needed - cutting to shape, bonding and for some materials - molding to the size and shape sink desired.

One quick word about usability: Cleanup! While over-mount sinks are affordable and easy to install, integral and undermounted kitchen sinks however are easier to clean up. If that's important to how you use your kitchen, then do take note.

The different materials used in manufacturing kitchen sinks

Stainless Steel - Kitchen sinks made of stainless steel are the least costly, and the most commonly used in household remodeling projects. When shopping for stainless steel kitchen sinks, beware of those made with thin, lower gauges material. A quality stainless steel kitchen sink should be priced in the $500 USD range and brand names like Blanco or Kohler will not offer poor quality.

Enameled Cast Iron - This type of kitchen sink is coated with a porcelain enamel - a material that may be easily broken when subjected to intense impact, pressure or heavy weight. Enameled cast iron kitchen sinks come in a variety of colors but again, they can be easy to chip and stain.

Synthetic Kitchen Sinks - These are made from a combination of synthetic and polyester materials. Integral kitchen sinks often make use of this material because it is available in a wide variety of styles and colors and is easily moldable. This type of kitchen sink however is not one to tolerate the extreme heat of pots and pans fresh off the stove!

Composite Kitchen Sinks - Composite materials like quartz, granite and other rocks and minerals are now used to form kitchen sinks. They are extremely decorative and can bring great character to your kitchen. Composite sinks are also more affordable than other options. The only downside to purchasing composite kitchen sinks is their vulnerability to scratch marks from sharp knives and the riggers of dish washing, which unfortunately is one of the essential activities tools in the kitchen.

When you're ready to remodel your kitchen, be sure to take the time to choose the right sink for your kitchen remodeling project. After all, if you 're going to be in charge of dishwashing, you might as well do so with a beautiful kitchen sink!

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