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They're not your great grandmas wall mount faucet

This nifty design has nostalgic roots with plenty of updated modern twist available too

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Perhaps you haven't seen one of these things in many years, or maybe just recently. A wall mount kitchen faucet has roots in pre war flats of the 20s to 50s or there abouts. There look is unmistakably nostalgic and as is often the case, anything nostalgic can become the hippest thing going with nothing more than a cool feature on tv or a movie.

Now days you rarely see this type of faucet outside of a commercial or professional setting - a restaurant kitchen sink. They are still common in this type of setting, but not so much in residential kitchens.

One of the most popular styles of kitchen faucet is the old style wall mount kitchen faucet. These can give the space a very traditional feel - exactly what many homeowners are looking for. Although they certainly are unique, there can be a few problems with this style of kitchen faucet.

Problems You May Face during installation:

There can be a few problems to face when dealing with a wall mount kitchen faucet. Some of the problems are cosmetic, but some of them more serious.

Leaks in the plumbing of this type of faucet can be much more troublesome. It's hard enough to detect a leak with this type of faucet - the workings are inside the wall after all.

If a leak is detected inside the wall plumbing, then usually the wall needs to be opened up to fix the problem. But at this point point, you've got water damage to repair anyway - sorry.

If this is a conversion from a more standard kitchen sink faucet then there will be significant labor cost for plumbing the water lines up the wall behind the sink. And that can be a lot of labor cost.

This isn't much of a problem in more substantial kitchen remodeling projects where counter-tops and back-splashes are due to be replaced and drywall patching is common.

This type of faucet can really make a kitchen sink feel bigger, and compliment a nostalgic design kitchen. In some circumstances it's an easy job, but in others it can be costly. Hopefully the cost factors are crystal clear.

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