Single handle kitchen faucets

vs hot and cold double handle models

Consider all the advantages and disadvantages of both before you buy

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Most common of all kitchen sink faucets is the single handle kitchen faucet design - easily operated with the nudge of a hand - a little warmer, cooler, more water flow, less water flow - all with a simple push this way or that.

The two handled designs are tried and true too. Adjusting the knobs one way or the other gives these models great temperature control, but they are less than convenient when working at a kitchen sink.

When you're cooking or washing dishes, the natural usage of the faucet is to turn the water on and off frequently. The single handle kitchen faucet makes it easy to set the temperature and flow in one single motion.

Another advantage of this type of faucet is the cost - there are a lot fewer parts in a single handle faucet than other models. And less parts means less cost - simple as that. Fewer parts also means there's less parts to break down or leak.

Styling is the next thing to consider. You can find a model with the right styling and finish or any kitchen decor. They're all available at price range to fit your budget wether you're facing a tight budget or a high end remodeling job, you're sure to find the model you're looking for.

Repairing a leaky single handle kitchen faucet is easy too. First turn the water off under the sink. Next the handle is removed - it's held on with a set screw, and a common Allen wrench is all that is needed to remove that.

Next the cap gets unscrewed, and this can be a challenge. Some caps have a knurl grip, others have hex flats, and others are smooth. If you need to use a wrench, use sine masking take to avoid damaging the finish of the cap.

With the cap removed, you're ready to replace the hollow ball, coils and rubber seals that tend to wear out and allow leaking. put everything back together and you're done.

Though the temperature control is not as fine as double handle faucet, the convenience of a single handle kitchen faucet makes it the most common type of faucet for the residential kitchen.

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