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Everyone has their own idea of what sort of features a kitchen should have. And one of the most popular kitchen sink accessories is the sprayer type of faucet. Good quality units are integrated into the kitchen faucet, while inexpensive models utilize a separate single purpose sprayers gun. Today we focus on the hidden integrated kitchen faucet sprayer - they bring a more refined look to the kitchen.

There are certainly obvious advantages to installing a kitchen faucet with sprayer unit, but also problems that can occur. It is important to weigh out both sides and make the best decision for you and your kitchen.

Kitchen faucet sprayer The Advantages

Kitchen faucet sprayers make daily kitchen tasks easier overall. Whether you are washing dishes, cleaning vegetables off for dinner or trying to water a plant there are so many uses for a kitchen faucet sprayer, little convincing of the advantages is necessary.

There are endless options when it comes to the styles and sizes of kitchen faucets with matching, integrated sprayers to choose from. There are lots of decorative designs and whether your kitchen is modern or more traditional, you can find the perfect faucet sprayer to match up with your decor.

The Problems

There are a few problems that are common with kitchen faucet sprayers. One issue is that the sprayer can often get clogged up. Calcium build up can slow and clog water flow especially in locations with very hard water. A simple cleaning fixes this problem, but sometimes a more aggressive cleaning requires disassembly of the workings before full flow is restored.

Another common issue happens when you notice a decrease in the water pressure coming from your kitchen faucet. If this happens it is often the result of the diverter also becoming clogged with either water born minerals or particulate build ups. If this is the source of the problem it will need fixing. Once the diverter is cleaned out with vinegar or a special product like CLR, the water pressure should work like normal again.

It is easy to see there are both pros and cons from having kitchen faucet sprayers installed. Everyone is different and has different goals with their kitchen decor. The most important thing is that you decide whether or not you think you would get any use out of one and therefore whether or not you think having one installed in your kitchen would be worth it.

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