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Not all kitchen sink faucets are created equal. In fact there are so many models available that choosing the best one for your remodeling project can be downright confusing.

With so many different brands, designs, and materials, available, a good word on how to select your faucet is undoubtedly in order. Lets delve into some of the things you might want to consider when making your kitchen faucet selection. We'll dig deeper into each of the following items and more detail (menu).

Kitchen sink faucet A kitchen faucet sprayer feature is something that could be important to you. This feature is available in many designs from most manufacturers. They're usually designed right into the faucet as a removable sprayer handle, and are a great help when washing large dishes, pots or pans after a good family meal.

For a more nostalgic remodeling projects, a wall mount kitchen faucet can bring a look and feel from a time gone era - one that can invoke fond memories of an earlier age.

Another option to consider is the a single handle faucet verses having separate handles to regulate the flow of cold and hot water individually to control temperature.

Plumbing is obviously something that every faucet will need - the type of kitchen sink faucet you select will affect the complexity of the plumbing required get it working. We'll go into this in more detail in the plumbing section too.

A pull out kitchen faucet is similar to a sprayer but not necessarily. Some deigns optimize the sink space available by using a tall goose-neck type design, and a pull-out nozzle or sprayer is often the end piece of this type of design.

We'll even delve into considerations for kitchen bar sinks - those nifty auxiliary sinks that allow two people to prep their specialties in the kitchen at the same time.

Finally, we look at several of the most popular materials and finishes for your kitchen faucet. For most people, this is an issue of matching your decor or sink finish. But as you will see, there's a little more to materials and finishes than just the look.

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