Granite cleaning, care, and sealing

Proper care in cleaning you stone countertop and sealing can keep that shiny luster for decades.

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Granite care and cleaning


All of this is not to say that your stone counter top requires no care at all. But with the proper care, it can retain the same astonishing shine and luster as the day it was installed.


Sand or grit is a problem with all countertop materials. It's all too easy to set something on your countertop with some sand or grit stuck to the bottom. A cooler from the garage or that's been to the beach for example, probably would have some grit or quartz sand hard enough to scratch your countertop. Discipline in wiping such an item down before placing it on the countertop is the only way to prevent scratches in this situation.


Although there might be products available that claim to "remove" scratches from granite, their claims are pure folly. Think about it - a scratch removes some of the material from the surface. No product, no matter how costly is capable of putting that material back. The best they can do is hide the scratch if it's not too deep.


Cleaning agents - Quite simply, do not use anything containing ammonia on granite. Over time, ammonia will dull that spectacular shine. Warm soapy water is sufficient for cleaning almost any kitchen countertop. There are some excellent cleaning products available. They leave the surface shiny and clean.


Sealing - Annual resealing is recommended. Granite is still porous, and some patterns are more porous than others. This is why it needs to be resealed once a year. Sealing helps it resist staining, and retain its luster. Sealers are inexpensive, and can be applied by any homeowner - no professional skill is required. Of course if you prefer to have someone do it for you, your local installer will be happy to hear from you.




Granite makes the most durable, versatile, and beautiful countertop materials available. Slate or marble are both beautiful stones too, but not so popular for kitchens. Newly installed, it's shine and luster are spectacular. But neglect can change that shine into a dull finish that can never be restored. So don't use ammonia cleaners, do reseal annually, and don't go setting anything that might have sand or grit on your granite counter top. Oh, and obviously - don't use abrasive cleaners.




Natural granite is considered the countertop material of choice by many home owners and contractors alike. But why is this? Quite simply the versatility and ease of cleaning and care makes it so popular.

  • Granite is available in countless natural patterns and colors, making it possible for even the choosiest customers to find a countertop they will love for years to come.
  • Cleaning and sealing is easily done. There are some things you must be aware of when cleaning, and that will be discussed shortly.
  • It is durable - highly resistant to staining agents and acidic foods that are very commonly found in the kitchen. It's durability means that granite requires much less care and upkeep than other popular countertop materials available.
  • It's beautiful - with all the patterns and colors available it can be difficult to choose just one pattern from all the ones available. Clear crystals give some patterns a 3D depth, and new colors and artifacts appear every time you study it.
  • Temperature is not an issue with a stone countertop. You can take a boiling pot of water off the stove and place it directly on the granite without worrying about burns. After all, when it was formed deep in the earth, it was a lot hotter than a boiling pot of water.
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