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Over the past decade kitchen granite countertops have been growing more and more popular for both new and renovated homes. It's no wonder why either due to the the great advantages of using granite as the material of choice for kitchen counter granite kitchen countertop tops. Here are just a few reasons that make this beautiful stone an asset for any kitchen.


1. Granite counter top slabs have a natural beauty – they are available in a vast array of colors, shades, hues, and visual marble textures. You can find samples with any color combination - black, white, brown, blue, green, red, orange, and beige and any combinations of these colors to suite your taste and decor. One double edge sword is that no two granite slabs are identical. You're sure to have a unique kitchen countertop, but if more than a single slab is needed, make sure all slabs are from the same quarry batch so colors and textures will match . With a little care and maintenance the brilliant polish of your granite will last forever.


2. Kitchen granite counter tops are very hard and sturdy. You never have to worry about damage from placing very hot pots or pans directly on a granite countertop. Other materials are permanently damaged from one small mistake like this. Properly sealed it is very resistant to stains from oil, acidic, or colorful foods and other activities that are common on a kitchen counter top. When sealed properly, granite is easily cleaned bringing back its brilliant luster and colors. Marble and slate are other stone options, but neither is as durable, and there are nowhere near as many options as granite provides.


3. Because every slab of granite is different from the next, any kind of character or personality can found, from soft colorful swirls, to uniform distribution of colors and textures. The natural beauty can complement any type of hardware fixture you intend to use on cabinets and any finish or material for the flooring. The unique brilliance of each slate adds texture and richness to your kitchen that cannot be rivaled by any other type of surface material like Formica.


4. The extra expense of using granite for your kitchen countertop is a great investment in your homes value. Whether you plan to sell your home any time in the near future or not, using granite for the kitchen countertop will increase any homes resale value significantly. Buyers often prefer a newly remodeled kitchen, free of any needs or repairs. If that kitchen has upgraded materials such as granite, they are often willing to pay more, or tip attitude from indifference to positive. Likewise, a home with favorable appeal can reverse buyers positive outlook if the kitchen counter top is finished in plastic laminate or ceramic tile. Whether a kitchen granite countertop has was installed when the house was first built or added a few years ago, a granite counter top will always increase the value of a home.


With so many great reasons for using granite, it's not surprising builders and contractors have seen increased demand over the past decade or so - Homeowners want to increase home value for sale, or enjoy the luxury themselves. If you're convinced that a granite kitchen countertop is part of your homes future, there's a few things to keep in mind.


1. Carefully choose the right granite color and pattern to suite your home. Think about the kitchen decor. Will you stick with the current decor, or do you have something new in mind. Neutral colors can make the granite versatile with future decor changes.


2. If you select a pattern by looking at samples provided by a contractor, make sure that you will be the person to choose the actual slabs to be used. Since every slab is different, you need to make sure the actual slabs used fit the color and patterns you are expecting.


3. Don't plan on reusing items like the sink or faucet. Especially the sink, an under-mount sinks look best in granite applications, and they must be installed prior to the countertop. Because of this, you should plan on considering only a top quality that will last as long as the the countertop.


That's all there is to it - you are practically ready to have that gorgeous granite countertop installed in your kitchen. One word of warning though, be prepared for the gasps, ooohs, and aaahs, from friends an neighbors when they see such beauty and elegance combined with functionality and durability.



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