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Granite is more costly than other materials used for kitchen countertops. First, it has to be mined from the ground, and cut into slabs. Then it gets shipped over oceans and distributed across the country to your local supplier. Then there's the installation that includes cutting to size sink holes and seams etc. This can all add up to quite a bit of money compared to Formica or even granite tile.


Of course the benefits of granite countertop discussed in detail granite counter tops and depending on your circumstances the extra cost is easily outweighed by the benefits. Of course there are some things you can do to reduce the cost of using granite for a countertop.

It's important to know how granite companies assign cost to their product. They will usually group their different granite types into cost groups. For example group A, B, and C. These groupings do not differentiate quality or pattern attributes, only cost, and the cost of the granite is often regulated by good old capitalism - supply and demand.


The more rare types will be in group A, which has a higher price than the prices for group B or C. Rarity and availability are what usually determine these grouping assignments. For the purpose of reducing your granite price tag, you may consider going with a pattern in the lower priced groups. Your favorite pattering might not fall into one of the lower cost groups, but each group usually has something that appeals to everyone.


Scraps or remnants - If your kitchen countertop space is small or you can live with more seams, then you may be able to reduce cost by shopping among the scrap pieces found in any granite yard. These pieces are usually discounted and can be purchased for relatively little money.


When working with scrap granite pieces, you will need to make sure the installer is willing to work this way, consider where the seams will go, and make sure there is no noticeable color shade difference between any of the pieces.


Some distributors will focus on volume and sell to the public at contractors cost, or wholesale prices. These outfits usually don't offer installation so it's up to you to find someone to install your granite counter top. The granite discounter will undoubtedly have some referrals they can make for this though.


Also, you can't always depend on a discounter having the slabs you prefer in stock. It can be a little hit or miss. Don't expect a lot of consultation or service at a place like this either, you give that up with the lower price. But if you know what you want and they have it in stock, then you're in luck.


Pre-fab is another option. You can buy pre-fabricated granite countertops in standard sizes with backsplash. They need only to be cut to length, sink hole cut, and holes for any other utilities like soap dispenser etc. These pre-fabricated countertops can be a real money saver, but there are some drawbacks.


Pre-fabricated granite countertops are usually only available in the post popular patterns. When it comes to granite, you want something that is unique. Something different from what your neighbors or your brother-in-laws have.


Also, pre-fab countertops usually are made from thinner cut slabs and must be laminated on the underside to reinforce their strength, and you lose the ability to specify the edge cut pattern too.


A few other things you can do to reduce cost of a kitchen granite countertop installation are to prepare the area before the install date - removal and disposal of old tile countertop materials. Also, eliminate any thoughts of turning this into a DIY job? Trying to do this yourself will only cost you more money. Granite countertop installation is a job that is best left to a professional installer.




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