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Granite and marble are both very popular materials for adorning the home, used for things such as flooring, bathrooms, walls, and kitchen counter and table tops. While marble tends towards sporting colorful veins and striations, the appeal of granite comes from it's variations both in color and the actual patterns of shades in the stones. The types of decorative granite have been standardized and given labels by industry leaders. Some of the world's most popular granite colors are the following:


Absolute Black - this granite has a glossy black sheen with no color alteration whatsoever throughout the stone. It is polished to a mirror brightness and it's beauty is in it's stark quality. This type of granite is mined mostly in India, Sweden, South Africa, and Australia. It is one of the largest sellers in decorative granite compared to other patterns available.

Azul Granite - there are many different colors, patterns and types of azul granite, with their names varying depending on their country of origin. Azul is the second most popular color for decorative granite worldwide. As it's name implies, azul granites are predominantly blue in appearance, with pattern markings varying from gray, white, black, or differing shades of blue. Azul granites are mined in different locations predominantly led by Spain and Brazil. While there are other blue colored granites available, azuls are prized for their quality and the beauty of their patterns, and the fact that the other colours streaking the blue in azul granites are very complimentary to it.

Whites - this color has many shades of white granite, with dozens of variations on the theme which again depends on the stone's country of origin. Some examples of this include the Big White Flower granite from Guandong, China. This type of stone is predominantly white with gray and black markings. Bianco granite is a variation on white that leans more towards being ivory in color. Bianco can be mined in rock quarries in Brazil and Italy.

Gold and Copper - metallic colours in these stones are what make them attractive to certain enthusiasts. Gold and copper granites are found worldwide, and their supporting colours are usually white, gray, and black. While gold and copper granite can be found all across the globe, the highest concentration for granite quarries of these shades is Brazil and South America.

Green Granite - of all the different granite colors, green types are arguably the most variable when it comes to their additional colors. While most of the other colors have only minor differences in their supporting shades no matter the source of the granite, greens tend towards vastly different supporting colors. Emerald Pearl from Norway is green with aqua and blue shadings, while Forest Green from India is green with rose and gray shades, and Olive Green from South Africa sports solid black bands running through the granite. Verde Bahia from Brazil sports gold mixed in with the green. This vast difference in supporting colors makes green marble particularly attractive to those who like variance in their decorations.

Rose - while shades of red like crimson and normal red are also a choice amongst granite buyers, the rarest type of granite overall to find is rose granite. Rose granite ranges from pink to lavender in it's base color, and support colors in the stone are usually equally soothing on the eyes, like white and pale gold. Some types of rose granite also has clashing colors in the stone, usually dark gray, to offer a marked contrast to the pink. Brazil and China are the main sources where rose granite can be found.


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