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Each cabinet door get installed today in this kitchen remodeling project.

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Feb. 3, Day Four

If day two was Prep3 then today is results3. Before we get started, cheers to our installer. Diligent, accommodating, on time, friendly, and truly a skilled tradesman.


Each cabinet door is now hung and they look awesome! Very even in color, texture and smooth as glass. We wanted a look of symmetry, or 'order out of chaos', both in design and materials attributes.


You can see this in our choice of granite too (here's a up close picture of our sample granite chit - set against toady's new door).

You wouldn't expect an amateur photo to do it justice, but trust me, it is rich in depth and color. Its patterns and colors are very even in crystal size and distribution.


No swooshy patterns or unpredictable colors - wow! symmetry within natures creation - that's cool! or,,, 'order out of chaos'.

Anyway, we're supposed to be talking about kitchen cabinet door today - so lets get started with todays kitchen pictures.

Picture 1:

Here we see yesterdays rough cut veneers have been routed to edge, and each cabinet door is hung. The space in the middle is where the new dishwasher goes, and to the right, is the sink space (to be cut out later by the granite installer).


Upper right is a nick-knack shelf that added to give symmetry with the window (the window is off picture, to the right)


Picture 2:

Remember those wobbly looking mini cupboards beside where the microwave goes? Here we see a blank door over the mini cupboard. It never occurred to me that the mini door was too small to maintain the pattern of the larger doors. What to do???


Honestly, after coming home to see the days progress, I think the did the most logical thing that could be done - install hinged blanks. Since it doesn't look like a door, it isn't expected to be a door. We could even hide things there, except now everybody knows about it...


Each cabinet door is align perfectly. How to align cabinet doors this good, I do not know. A perfect 1/16th of an inch gap where the doors meet. Also notice (or don't notice) the hidden hinges, and lack of any knobs or handles. It all makes for a very clean looking install.


All you see is the wood, no hardware at all. Not shown, are the drawers. They are in place, but their fronts aren't on them (see Picture 3) you can see the drawer tubs mounted on their slides without their finished front plates..


It's starting to look really nice without being 'over the top'. One of the things we were concerned with was making a kitchen that so fancy that it would look out of scope with the rest of the house, which is quite modest to say the least.


Also, this home is quite small at 1300sq. Because of this, it has a limited resale audience. It would probably not be big enough for a young family raising kids, but would probably have favor with seniors.


The third audience would be the younger folks looking to establish themselves with a starter home. Well, lots of fancy upgrades would probably price that third group out of consideration, Oh well, enough rambling.


Here's the rest of the kitchen pictures for today:

Picture 1    Picture 2    Picture 3   
Picture 4    Picture 5    Picture 6   


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