Kitchen Demolition

Kitchen Demolition - Bye bye ugly old tile

Old kitchen demolition gets done today. Nasty old 60s tile gets removed, cabinets stripped and sanded.

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Jan 31, Day one

With an 8-9:30 window on day one, our guy showed up at 8:04, leaving me plenty of time to get to work.(I told the boss I would be in the office no later than 9:00, so that worked out perfectly).


A quick meet & greet, followed by a summary of what was to be done, a few signatures, and I was on my way to work. I was pleased that this was not the typical contractor confusion garbage. He was ready with his materials and supplies kited.


He pulled one of the cabinet doors from his kit for our approval.

It looked exactly like the sample we saw when choosing our options. A German beech wood, beautifully polished smooth as glass. He was done with demolition in half a day. He cleaned everything up, and no dust anywhere. Looks better already.


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