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The dual primary and secondary benifits of ceiling fan / light combination units

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Lighted ceiling fans - dual functionality

Any household can benefit from the installation of a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans with integrated lighting fixtures serve a dual benefit. You get light and air circulation all in one unit. That saves cost and space. But the benefits of lighted ceiling fans don't stop there.

The first ceiling fans of the 1880s did not have light fixtures. Electricity had been discovered some 100 years earlier, but it was not widely available in homes, not by a long shot. Today, you can hardly find a ceiling fan without a lighting fixture available. Some fans will offer the light as an optional purchase, but most come with the fixture, wether you intend to use it or not.

There are three basic designs of light types when it comes to ceiling fans. There's the bowel type, the stemmed or branch type, and the up-light types. The bowel types are very common and popular. With this type of light, the light bulb is inside a bowel shaped diffuser. The bowel is attached directly to the light socket and can be made of glass or plastic, with a clear or opaque finish.

The stemmed or branch type of lights can easily be identified by the adjustable arms that are attached to the fan unit. With some designs, these stems can be easily be moved around to change the amount of light focused in any area. Finally, the up-light design are attached above the fan and can diffuse light through out the room as well as off the ceiling. You can even find ceiling fans with combinations of up-lights and bowel or stem lights.

Each of these variations can provide adequate illumination as the ceiling fan provides sufficient air flow. With this one fixture, you can adequately illuminate a room and provide airflow - no further lighting is needed for most installations.

Further benefits of ceiling fans with lighting fixtures

Aesthetics play a big part in giving any household the needed level of elegant touch or or good impression. With all the different designs of ceiling fan light fixtures available, you can be assured of finding the fan / light fixture that will achieve the proper level of elegance for your room. Both Hunter and Casablanca offer ceiling fans with lighting fixtures in terrific stylish designs.

The different kinds of lighting options available

There are also a wide range of choices available when it comes to the different types of ceiling fan lights. All the modern types are available - halogen, low-voltage, incandescent, and even fluorescent. Be sure to select the kind that favors your room the best. Visit your local showroom to get an idea of how much light and the intensity that each kind of light gives off.

To conclude, ceiling fans with light fixtures serve double duty while saving space. That's the practical part. Then there's the aesthetic side. Designs are available for a ceiling fan to dress up any room.

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