Ceiling Fans Benefits

At pennies a day, ceiling fans can replace AC on any but the hottest days.

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Ceiling Fans benefit the home


Ceiling fans are popular ceiling fixtures not just in the households in tropical countries. Ceiling fans are similar in function to any other electric fans. Of course, their main use is to generate air movement to improve the ventilation of a room.


Ceiling fans are electric fans that are hanging over the ceiling. Some people prefer to install ceiling fans rather than put traditional electric fans in the room because of the significant amount of space that is saved, as well as being a permanent fixture that's out of the way.


Brief history of the ceiling fan


John and James Hunter invented the ceiling fan in 1886. The device created by the father-and-son duo was initially powered by energy generated from water because at that time, electricity was still not widely used, despite its discovery more than 100 years earlier.


The Hunters ceiling fan design was used by Emerson Electric Company in 1903. Thus, the Hunter Fan was later introduced by a company bearing the same name. From then on, Hunter fans evolved and now, there are a number of ceiling fan designs and models you could choose from when you shop for one at appliances stores now.


The Casablanca fan is one of the most modern types of ceiling fan in the market today. Actually, the Casablanca fan refers to a line of luxurious and beautifully crafted ceiling fans.


Casablanca fans make purchasing and installing ceiling fans at home luxurious and pleasurable to interior-design fanatics. Therefore, one advantage of installing a ceiling fan can be achieved when you purchase a Casablanca fan unit. The fan makes the room for aesthetically appealing.


Because of its beauty and appeal, you should not be surprised at how Casablanca fans are priced in the market. Some of them can be collectors items. They are not inexpensive.


The primary benefits ceiling fans give is the benefit in air circulation. Ceiling fans are proven to make people in a room feel four degrees cooler in the summer. If installed over a dining table, the ceiling fan can help keep flying insects away during meals.


In the winter time, a ceiling fan circulating the air helps to distribute warmth coming from a space heater or heating stove around the neighboring rooms of the house.


Modern home builders are accustomed to installing air conditioners to take care of their house's overall summer cooling needs. But the electrical needs required and the monthly cost can be prohibitive.


Ceiling fans provide alternative for the air conditioner, when the heat is not too bad, and they are less costly in electricity. The electricity consumed by operating a ceiling fan is pennies per month when compared to dollars a month for a modern efficient air conditioner.


During summer, the ceiling fan is run counter-clockwise to provide cooler breeze. If your fan features a switch for reversing the rotation direction, then it can run in the clockwise direction for the winter months. By reversing the direction, air is drawn up to the ceiling instead of down to the floor during the summer.


The ceiling fan has truly revolved since it was invented in 1886. If the Hunters were still alive, they would certainly be awed at how their invention has evolved.

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