Buying a Ceiling Fan

Don't overlook these important points to look for when buying a ceiling fan for your home

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Buying a ceiling fan


Ceiling Fans are a home appliance that can do a lot of good for your home for very little cost. It may not be as effective at lowering room temperature at all like an air conditioner, but it does help make a room a lot cooler in the summer. Indeed ceiling fans can be a good alternative to air-conditioning systems.


Ceiling fans create wind chill. They do not cool the air but they do provide a gentle breeze inside the room making it more comfortable. It makes the air circulate. If you have all the windows of a room open, an even better circulation will be achieved.


But if you compare buying a ceiling fan with an air conditioner, you will notice that the fan consumes a lot less energy than an air conditioner, not to mention the price difference between the two. Plus, ceiling fans have a range of styles and designs that can accentuate the room decor.


When shopping for a ceiling fan to buy, there are a few different things to look for:


1. Check the fan's motor. When buying any type of fan, the first thing you should check is its motor. The motor is the heart of this device. Without this mechanism fan's blades wouldn't turn and the air wouldn't circulate. Needless to say, it is the very essence of all fans.


If your fan has a poor motor design you can end up getting a lot of problems. You might be able to hear hums, buzzes, or clicks while it's running. And if low quality motor is made to work long hours, it will eventually burn out. There are also times when the motor placed on a ceiling fan is too powerful. If that is the case, it will work inefficiently and waste precious energy.


2. The Fan Blades. Aside from the motor, the fans blades are another important component. The blades angle determines the amount of air movement the fan can create. The blades angle is called blade pitch. Ideally, it should be at least fourteen degrees so that maximum efficiency is achieved as far as air movement is concerned.


Also, check the fan blades construction and material. Some cheap blades made up of boards will not give quality performance at all. Blades made of solid wood, if not constructed ideally, can also give problems. Blades made of hardwood veneer are good options.


3. Lighting. Some ceiling fans holds light fixtures in order to replace the rooms existing lights. A ceiling fan with a lamp attached is always a good addition to any room. When buying ceiling fans, always go for the ones with integral light fixture. It adds more functionality to the fixture, and it can also serve as decoration to the room.


4. Details and Style. For people who pay attention to details and design, choose a ceiling fan that meets your style or the decoration style of the room exactly. Intricate details, when coupled with modern style, are definitely going to add accent and beauty to the room.


5. Room function and size. Every room size requires a certain capacity of ceiling fan. If you want expert suggestions about it, talk to a professional installer. He may give you a good idea as to what type of different ceiling fan every room of your house needs.


These are good tips to follow on when buying a ceiling fan. By doing all these, you are sure to choose the perfect ceiling fan given any room inside your home. Prices can vary greatly between models and manufacturers


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