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Refacing of the cabinets completed. See pictures.

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Feb. 4, Day Five

Today, all of the work on the cabinet refacing as done and we couldn't be more pleased. The cabinet drawers open and close with a fingers touch. Toady's pictures show drawers finished, and the crown molding in place. The refrigerator and microwave are back in place. Things are starting to look a little normal again.


Once the cabinet rafacing is done, we've got a few days before the granite counter top is scheduled to be installed. Today is Friday, and the granite counter and sink are to be installed on Wednesday, so there won't be any more updates until then. Meanwhile, we get to live out of our boxes over the weekend and experience great episodes of anticipation.


After the granite counter top gets installed on Wednesday, the plumber will be in the next day to install all the new kitchen appliances - dishwasher, disposal, sink, and oven. Once he's done with that, this phase of the remodel project is complete, and we do a walk-through with the project lead. Then we start thinking about painting, lighting and flooring.

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