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Cabinets in kitchen get their refacing today. See pictures.

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Feb. 2, Day three

Day three is finally here. Our cabinet install man was right on time as usual. Today's progress can be seen in the new cabinet refacing veneers covering the sanded surface of the cabinets.


The cabinet refacing pictures might not convey dramatic progress, but it is quite dramatic - Photos can not do these cabinets or the refacing verneers any justice. For that reason, there are only two cabinet pictures in today's edition.


You can see the refacing veneers are in place on the cabinets with a rough cut, meaning that there is material overhanging the cabinet edges. The material is not cut to exact size before application because it would be impossible to get perfect. Instead, the pieces are cut slightly oversized. The will no doubt be trimmed flush to the cabinet surfaces using a router tomorrow. I think we might even be able to see the cabinet doors in place tomorrow - ooh! we can hardly wait!


Also, you can see the drawer slides seen in picture 2. Slide out drawers are a requirement for this kind of pantry. They aren't the ball bearing type slides, but that kind of slide gets pricey multiplied by a half dozen or so. Besides, you don't usually see that kind of expense in a kitchen cabinets drawers. Please find the kitchen pictures below.


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