Dry rot & water damage

Those - not so pleasant surprises of bathroom remodeling

No remodeling budget is complete until underlying water damage extent is known

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The moldy smell of dry rot caused concern. Without it we probably would have continued to procrastinate on the first steps to starting the bathroom remodeling project - calling in bids and figuring out a budget for a master bathroom remodeling project. Once the demolition began, we would get some idea of just how bad the damage was, and what it would cost to correct.

Lucky us, it turns out there wasn't any dry rot in the framing or floorboards. But Wait! The moldy smell in the bathroom - it must been coming from materials already removed and discarded. The walls of the shower stall consisted of the tile layer, followed by cement backer board, which covered a layer of Green board (a water-resistant type of drywall).

We really do not know for sure where the bathroom mold smell was coming from. It could have been underneath the shower door frame, or in between the tile, backer board or green board drywall. Hopefully that's the case, since it's all been removed leaving no sign of moldy smelling dry rot.

Of one particular concern was that the previous bathroom job was done with cement board instead of floating the mortar. When preventing bathroom dry rot is a priority, you don't use cement backer board. Backer board is used when someone wants to sell their home but needs to do the most inexpensive bathroom overhaul possible.

The more expensive option of floating the mortar (troweling a bed of mortar) results in a longer lasting bathroom, but is, of course, more labor intensive, and therefore, more expensive. But, if you plan to stay in your home, you want your dollars to count by preventing that mold smell causing dry rot.

If you just need a quick easy touch up for your bathroom to make the sale, then you can go the cheap way out cement board. Just remember than when you buy your next home, someone might have done the same thing to you. Spend the extra money for a bathroom that will last.

As mentioned, the dry rot water damage found is surprisingly minuscule - in fact, non existent. Where water damage would be expected there was none. For example, here's today's pictures.

Picture 1: Water damage possible
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