Stripped out findings

The uneasy wait for demolition surprises

What sort of expensive surprises will demolition reveal?

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This can be a nervous time. You never know what you're going to find once demolition is complete. Here's what we find underneath everything after demolition.

* This big hole in the floor is where the tub was. It's not apparently a big deal to have this big hole under a bathtub, in fact, during the purchase of the home the termite inspector actually attempted to "make work" by throwing his red flag during the inspection process.

The fraudulent termite inspector had to go elsewhere to make his pool payment this time - he was overruled by the general inspector, who had become quite suspicious of termite people over the years.

Note to self - Make sure you have a general property inspector you can trust - he will watch your back when it comes to the other, more specific contractors like termite guys trying to make work.

* You can also see here a pair of coax wires that would need to be re-routed. These are legacy wires that actually came in very handy - in the old days, San Jose was an early adopter of the dual wire cable system which soon became obsolete after a decade or so.

Having crawled under the house to run the dual cable system to each room, I took advantage of this big hole in the subfloor to make this dual wire installation easier. Today however, the extra work done on this dual wire has paid off because both cable Internet and satellite signals can easily be routed to every room in the house - But this has nothing to do with bathroom remodeling...

These coax wires would need to be routed through the floor in order for all the tile and backing to fit in place.....

* Then there's is this really really rusty toilet flange on the floor that looks like it can't be good to reuse.

We spoke briefly about it, and my contractor said they could replace it if I wanted, but that it wasn't necessary. Well judging by the looks of it, I had no idea how they could possibly remove the toilet flange without destroying the connecting pipe and threads.

Needless to say, changing the toilet floor flange was not something desired, and apparently not needed either. We'll let that one alone. As we'll learn in a few days, the all mighty permit inspectors of San Jose like to make up the rules as they go along regarding toilet flanges.

This has been our first look at what's underneath it all, and how bad things really are. Like buying a used car and learning the engine is shot, or Sony electronics devices that die as soon as the warranty runs out - you never know until you peel back the layers - in this case, demolishing the bathroom. So far, luck is on our side.

With the mystery is solved, here's a look at today's pictures featuring the a few things that reveal once bathroom demolition is complete.

Picture 1: A big hole in floor under bathtub - oh my
Picture 2: Moving wires - 1
Picture 3: Moving wires - 2
Picture 4: Moving wires - 3
Picture 5: Toilet flange - 1
Picture 6: Toilet flange - 2
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