Just a small aside, I routed these coax TV wires under the house years earlier. Back then they carried San Joses dual cable TV signal. Today, they carry satellite TV on one wire and Cable/Internet on the other.

This big hole under the tub made running the wires to the master bedroom (on the other side of the wall) a lot easier than the other rooms. But, since this area would need to be flushed off, the wires would need to run through the 2x4 framing the wall - just as I did in the other rooms (with lots of hard work)

Normally, from the crawl space, I'd drill a hole through the 2x4 that frames the wall, along the floor. Feed the wires up through this hole in between the drywall slabs. A friend stood in the room being wired and fished out the coax using a coat-hanger wire hook.

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re-routing wires