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Demolition of the bathroom begins today - the wait is over - let the remodeling begin

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Today's the big day. After months of talking and revising, our master bathroom remodeling project begins today. In preparation, we cleared out everything in the medicine cabinet, the vanity, and the shower stall. All that stuff would have to move to the front bathroom.

Since it's just the two of us - the wife and I living in this house, we've had pretty much our own bathrooms - the master bathroom and the front, guest bathroom. Now we would somehow have to deal with having just one bathroom between the two of us during this project, which is expected to last 4 to 6 weeks.

The contractor showed up on time with a couple guys to do the demolition. He showed his guys the work area and discussed everything with them. They started moving tools and supplies like tile and what-nots into the garage for storage, which had recently been cleared of the boat and some clutter.

We needed to hand over a key which would be stored in a lock box outside attached to the plumbing. A project that takes this much time means workers will need access to the house at times that are difficult for working people to be available for at all times. Having provided a key, they guys were ready to start.

They covered the hardwood hallway floor with heavy paper and taped it down - from the front door to the master bedroom. And then they covered the carpet with a heavy plastic pathway to the bathroom - protecting the flooring leading from the front door, all the way to the bathroom.

Then, to contain the dust, they put up a plastic curtain to separate the rest of the master bedroom from this work path. Despite the dust containment curtain, or rather because of it, we decided it would be impractical to live in the room during the remodeling project. Fortunately, we hae a spare guest bedroom that we will use until the project is complete - this something you might want to consider if you don't have a spare bedroom.

With the preparations in place the removal of old stuff began - First the bathroom vanity cabinet, the old medicine cabinet and shower doors. Next was the tile in the shower stall. That's where it really gets noisy. The tile came off in complete sheets. They were able to rip out the backer board with tile in tacked.

Finally, the bathtub goes. That part's a bit nerve racking because we had recently had new doors installed throughout the house, and didn't want those messed up getting the bathtub removed from the bathroom. Soon we would have a good look at the water damage causing the moldy odor so common with water damage.

Our master bathroom remodeling project had begun.

Please enjoy the pictures:

It's a dirty job alright. Here's some of the precautions our bathroom remodeling contractors made to protect our flooring for the long haul of this project - 4 to 6 weeks.

Picture 1: Hardwood flooring protection
Picture 2: Carpet protection
Picture 3: Protective plastic curtain
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