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Anyone undergoing a bathroom remodeling project is quite aware how expensive good quality plumbing fixtures are. True, simple cheap plumbing fixtures can be had for relatively little expense, but when remodeling a master bathroom, using cheap, inexpensive plumbing fixture products calls into question any justification for bathroom remodeling entirely.

Which ever brand of shower plumbing fixture you choose to go with, they should offer high quality model lines for you to consider. If you go plan on going with a full set of hardware - hand held sprayer, body sprayers and diverters, then you can expect to be spending several thousand dollars on these fixtures and valves alone.

Grohe products were used on this bathroom remodel. They offered a wide range of fixtures in the designs and finishes that fit the decor of the bathroom. Brushed nickel was the finish of choice. All together the plan included a main shower head, a separate hand sprayer, and three body sprayers - all with different settings ranging from full spray to water massage to soaker. A main temperature controller will center the fixtures on the wall, and then three diverter valves will control the flow of water to each of the three - main shower head, hand sprayer, and body sprayers.

The Grohe temperature controller is separate from the flow control. Economy fixtures include temperature and flow control in the one valve. This setup, with temperature control separate from water flow control, lets you set the temperature and then turn on any combination of the three sprayers. No adjustment in temperature is needed when turning on or off the body, handheld, or main shower nozzles. Not only that, but when turned wide open, the main shower head will put out a lot of water - far more than is normally needed.

In fact, these Grohe shower plumbing fixtures put out so much water that you can crank the flow up for a quick and thorough rinsing of soap and shampoo, and then turn the flow back down while completing other shower duties. This is only possible because the temperature controller is separate from the diverter valve. A quarter of a turn on the diverter controls the flow without changing the temperature.

Although Grohe shower fixtures were selected for this bathroom remodel, there are plenty of other fine product lines available from companies like Moen, Delta, Keidel, or Kohler. Your preferred plumbing supply store will probably favor one brand over another. As long as you're shocked by the invoice price you can be sure you're getting top quality plumbing fixtures - remember, once all that nice shower tile is in place, you can't change fixtures without tearing out the tile.

Here's a peek into the future - pictures of the installed Grohe shower plumbing fixtures including the main shower head, body sprayers, hand held sprayer, diverter valves, and temprature control.

Picture 1: All-shower-plumbing-fixtures
Picture 2: Shower-sprayer-diverter-valves
Picture 3: Shower-plumbing-hand-sprayer


Grohe shower plumbing fixtures

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