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Shower body sprayers for the most part are made up of three spray nozzles that are arranged in a vertical line on the shower wall. Of corse anything is possible, and when you've got your shower walls open to do the plumbing, you can plumb as many or as few sprayers as you like, and in any position that suites you. They body of most high quality sprays is made of brass and plated with the various finishes offered.

It is unclear how much use a real man like me would make of body sprayers - a shower for us men is usually for cleaning off, not for putzing around with aroma therapy oils and steam baths. Perhaps for cooling off on a hot summer day or absorbing some warmth on a cold California winter, I might be tempted to lallygag around and enjoy the sprays, but most of the time, we have better inventions to create, fish to fry, and fires to put out.

Due to our difference in height I was concerned about the positioning of the body sprayers, particularly the bottom one. Since each sprayer nozzle is adjustable in where it points, the exact location wasn't all that important. Not only is the position adjustable but there are also several adjustments you can make to the water stream.

This is probably the most useful feature of these shower body sprayers - the massage position. By adjusting the position where the sprayer points, and setting it to massage, you can pretty much position yourself to get a relieving shower massage on any part of your back and upper parts of your legs.

Adding body sprayers to your remodeled bathroom shower can add significant expense. Each sprayer can cost over one hundred dollars and the diverter, or flow valve to supply water can cost almost two hundred dollars. That's about $500 for parts alone, but this kind of feature can easily pay for itself in higher home value. Plus you get to enjoy until you decide to sell your home.

Since the fixtures aren't installed yet, pictures for this chapter come from the catalog.

Shower Body Sprayers

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