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Sometimes you know someone, or are related to someone who's done a little bit of plumbing for her own home and knows a thing or two about the subject. Friends can provide great input when it comes to bathroom remodeling, but often times, the advise is a little bit over optimistic in the amount of work required or the ability for "the gang" to get it done in a weekend.

God bless them - your well meaning friends - but trust them not, with a set of tools unless they are certified at the trade for which they are volunteering. Sometimes it's better to grill up some tri-tip to distract their well meaning efforts.

For this bathroom remodeling project, our rough plumbing fixture supplier is not related by friendship or family. In fact, the question of where to purchase bathroom plumbing fixtures was easily answered since the kitchen remodeling project from which this site sprang was such a success.

Indeed, having sussed out our local plumbing suppliers on the previous kitchen remodeling project, much of our work was done. You, however might not have this luxury. You will still need to find a local supplier that will tend to your questions without regard snobbery or checking the parking lot to see the make of car you arrived in.

The amount of tubing and copper bits that go into this is astounding to the uninitiated. Measurements and diagrams must be calculated and figured out if every thing is to fit properly inside the wall.

In fact, a second take on the body spray rough plumbing was done. The work guys tapped a single water feed to the body sprays on a single pipe after the temperature regulator - as you can see in picture 1. Picture 2 shows how they reworked the feed to the body sprays.

Fortunately, our contractor boss "stopped the presses" and had the guys correct a problem that he recognized. As mere consumers, we would have never recognized the problem until it was too late - the walls beautifully tiled and lousy uneven flow to the body sprays

Right there is the difference between accepting the lowest bid, and accepting the middle bid. A contractor that delivers what you pay for. It was quite impressive to see the amount of extra work they did to make sure it was done right, instead of rushing off to the bar for 'the ball game with the buds' - like so many of them will do - at expense of doing your project right.

An overview of the shower plumbing rough pictures presented in this chapter.

Picture 1: Shower plumbing rough picture 1
Picture 2: Shower plumbing rough close-up
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