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Today, the rough shower plumbing for this master bathroom remodeling project finally begins. The contractor has been somewhat bothersome about the locations of the various rough bits of shower plumbing. And now it finally becomes crystal clear why that is.

Plumbing the rough means that the various valves and fixtures that control the flow of water in your shower are being plumbed into the water line. The finishing bits that are decorative and suite the decor of your bathroom are referred to as the trim. Since this is a major bathroom remodeling upgrade, there's plenty of rough plumbing to be stuffed into the walls.

This bathroom remodel includes a tub/shower combination conversion to a walk-in shower which will include Grohe body sprayers, hand held sprayer, and shower head. Three diverters which control water flow to each of these three bits of shower plumbing, and a temperature controller - this is no ordinary bathroom shower plumbing job - indeed it is a little more complicated than your average bathroom shower stall.

Now three body sprayers, a fixed nozzle and a hand-held nozzle might not sound like that much, but when it's all rough plumbed together into the wall you can see just how much spaghetti plumbing goes into a setup like this. It makes a simple faucet plumbing look pretty simple.

Deciding on locations for each of these items can be a challenge too. Unless you and our spouse are roughly equal in height, one badly located body sprayer could make it's use painful to one or the other of you. That's a waste of money.

Fortunately, most body sprayers are adjustable in the angle that they point. So long as this is true for your shower body sprayers, you have less to worry about in location for the rough plumbing - but we digress.

The fact is, that this kind of setup can be deceptively complicated to rough plumb, and we can see how tightly packed into the walls all of these rough plumbing pieces can get.

This chapter in bathroom remodeling pictures should give a good idea on how complicated it is to rough plumb this many shower components. Also illustrated various other aspects of bathroom remodeling such as hot mopping the shower stall and a few rather unpleasant surprises that are all part of the bathroom remodeling fun.

An overview of the shower plumbing pictures presented in this chapter.

Picture 1: Shower plumbing rough picture 1
Picture 2: Shower plumbing rough picture 2
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