Choosing a shower door company

Some questions you need to ask your shower door company

Frameless shower doors and problems that a sub standard contractor can cause.

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We had heard from others that frameless shower doors can be troublesome. The hinges for these types of doors are like clamps that squeeze the glass and that over time, some adjustment might be necessary because the glass can start to pull out slightly, door starts to bump stationary glass panel as it swings open and closed.

Sure the shower door company will be happy to come out and adjust the door for $50 a shot, it better not be needed too often. But it can, depending on how large the door is. I know personally of people who need the door adjusted several times a year.

Phillips screws are used in the clamp to squeegee the glass. A hex or star socket would provide more torque for tightening. Wether or not that would really make a difference is unknown.

We went to visit the shower door company that our contractor uses. Picking out options and ask questions about things like the need for adjustment. It didn't go too well, as the lady there was quite arrogant. Not only that but she had her over indulged little brats there and we were interrupted by little Booboola at least a dozen times. Each time, the little brats indulgent needs were tended to as top priority by moomie so that no great suffering of been bored would befall poor little Booboola. We managed to conduct some business in between the incessant calls of "mooooomieeeee".

When asked about having them use three hinges to try and offset the need for adjustment, I was reprimanded "we don't do three hinges". Some bull story about three hinges causes binding and they start fighting against each other. She basically admits that 'occasional' adjustments are needed a third hinge in the middle will cause binding - yah right.

I explained about my first hand knowledge of family members problems with their frameless shower doors, and I got the typical garbage that contractors use to try and intimidate with - "I've been in business for 172 years, and I blah blah blah...". So I told her that I'm sure my dads glass guy would say the same thing - She took that as a compliment.

So I stared her right in the dried up silicone cleavage popping out of her shirt and asked "you probably wouldn't substitute socket screws if I asked you to either, would you". I don't think I got an answer to that. These days, you just need to be thrilled that a contractor will give you the time of day to begin with.

Finally, installation day came around. The shower door fits just fine, but for someone who's been in business for so many ears, they sure did a rotten job on the hinge installation mounting to the wall.

Flathead screws are used so they will be flush flat with the hinge surface. They must go in straight or they will look like a 5 year old installed them - they wont be flush, but rather stick up on one side or the other. Every single screw went in at an angle. You couldn't do a worse job - this from a guy who's woman gets snotty if you dare question how they do things.

Not only that but the door, if left to swing closed, should stop dead on in the closed position. It doesn't. You have to carefully place the door at the needed position to keep water from splashing out between the gap that is left you you just leave the door to close on it's own - another fine job by someone who claims to have been in business for a billion years or so.

Let this be a warning to you, the reader. When you talk to a contractor that gets huffy, or acts like they are insulted when you push them on a subject - or use the old "I've been in business for XYZ years", do yourself a favor - exit stage left, don't look back, interview over. Unfortunately, these days, many contractors like that - you might wind up with no contractor at all.

If you live in the San Jose California area drop us line if you want to avoid this glass shower door contractor who's company name starts with an A. I'd save you the trouble and just give the name for you here, but I'll need to be able to call them so I can give them $50 when the door needs adjusting. Probably not that they care what I have to say about them though.

Sorry no pictures but hopefully you found the article interesting and useful.

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