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Different types of glass for your shower door? Yes, unfortunately, it's true - there are choices when it comes to the type of glass to use in a clear shower door. It might even come as quite a surprise that the preferred glass of choice cost a lot more than the normal type - imagine that!

Glass has a small amount of iron molecules which causes a slightly green tint when looked through. Although minor, this tint shift can actually change the look of your shower tile when viewed from a standing outside the shower. If you're very particular about the shade of the tile you've chosen, then you might want to consider the alternative - low iron glass.

Low iron glass is clear. Clear as clear can be. That's the upside - but the down side to low iron glass is that it costs considerably more money than the normal, higher iron glass with the green tint. Low iron glass can actually be an order of magnitude more expensive, so consider this option only if you are very picky about the view towards your showroom bathroom.

Your local shower door contractor should have a showroom with both types of glass shower doors installed so you can get a good idea for yourself just how much the tint changes with low iron verses regular iron content glass.

Low iron glass does look great when looking through to tile, there's no arguing that. The only question is, how tolerable will the effect of regular iron glass be on the tile that you've chosen. One good word of advice - take some samples of your tiles with you when you go to the showroom. You can set the tiles up inside the showroom shower stalls and see for yourself what the regular glass will do to the tint of the tiles you've chosen for your shower stall.

Also, some shower glass companies will only offer the low iron glass and any quotes you ask them for will be much higher than quotes from a company that offers both types of glass, and defaults to regular glass in their quote. This makes knowing the difference between the two important so you can compare apples to apples, etc.

The clarity of low iron glass can even make your bathroom are look larger since the is less of a visible barrier between the bathroom area and the shower stall area.

For this bathroom remodeling project the low iron glass did not seem necessary, and regular glass was specified primarily for the cost savings. The benefit of low iron glass was viewed as minimal benefit verses the cost increase. Today's pictures illustrate the tint effect on the tile of this bathroom remodeling project. If you find the contrast objectionable, then make sure low-iron glass is specified for your job.

Low iron glass shower doors are completly clear. These pictures show the regular glass, or higher iron content glass. See if you find the tinting shift objectionable, and if so, consider the higher cost low iron glass for your shower door.

Picture 1: Glass iron shower door tint - 1
Picture 2: Glass iron shower door tint - 2
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