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One thing about clear glass shower doors is that after every shower, you need to squeegee off all the water. The story goes like this - minerals in the water will settle in porous cavities in a glass surface and permanently cloud the glass. Wether or not that's true is another question but if you're inclined to believe, then don't count a water softener making the problem go away.

Sealed glass is said to be self cleaning - a polymer coating that helps repel water into water droplet beads which tend to roll off the glass making squeegee work easier. It sounds like a great idea but the shower door sales representative didn't sound too enthusiastic about it - the Tecon product. Some disadvantages sited about Tecon were that you must be very careful about the cleaners used or the sealant coating will wear off. I don't know how a cleaner will remove a permanent poly from microscopic pores, but so be it.

Another disadvantage of Tecon is that it must reportedly be applied before the glass is tempered. This means that you make up or mind when ordering and perhaps not taking enough time to consider the pros and cons before paying for this option. It also means that it cannot be reapplied if needed.

The Tecon product just didn't sound right for us, so we decided against having the coating applied to the glass shower door. In a pleasant surprise, we learned about a week later about a different glass sealant product - One that could be applied after the shower door is tempered - and even installed! It withstands squeegee water removal, and needs only occasional cleaning with denatured alcohol which is available for very little cost at any hardware store.

But the best advantage - you could opt out of squeegee use altogether and just let the watter droplets bead up and fall off, leaving the remaining droplets to dry. This kind of abuse apparently does not harm a clear glass shower door that's been treated with the glass sealant product - HydroShield.

Consider this - if you rent out an upscale, remodeled home - you don't have to worry about tenants removing the water after they shower. A simple cleaning with denatured alcohol brings it back to its original clean, water replant self.

HydroSheild is applied by local business affiliates in your area, and the cost is very reasonable, running about $100 for a 4' wide by 6' tall shower door. Compared to the the cost of your clear glass shower door, this is minimal cost for the benefit.

We had the shower door treated, but also decided to have them do the shower tile, the countertop, the sink and toilet. And all together, the cost was reasonable, they were done in a couple hours - no any nasty chemical smells at all. If it did smell, the fan took care if it, it didn't permeate the house.

The hope is that by having the shower door coated that it will reduce the amount of maintenance required to and keep these surfaces in tip top condition. If it fails, oh well, surfaces will probably last longer than without, and it's not like it broke the bank at $300 to have everything treated.

Since clear glass shower door coatings are micro thing and clear, there's little point in showing yet mode shower door pictures. But since you're here and looking for pictures, here you go.

Picture 1: Polymer coated clear glass shower door 1
Picture 2: Polymer coated clear glass shower door 2
Picture 3: Polymer coated clear glass shower door 3
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