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It's hard to argue with the appeal of a solid clear glass shower enclosure. No other shower stall enclosure looks as nice as those thick clear plates of glass with the hinged door. They are substantial in weight, look, and feel like solid quality. You won't find these things in the neighbors house - well, maybe not. Anyway, when you put considerable investment into your shower stall tile, you don't want to blur it's appeal with obfuscated glass.

The old bathtub and cheap sliding shower door are long gone - this bathroom remodeling project is progressing nicely, and it's time to visit the local shower door shop to talk about all the different options available. You might be surprised on how many decisions need your attention when it comes to finalizing your custom clear glass shower door and enclosure before installation.

Low iron glass

This is ultra clear glass that has practically no visible tint to it at all. Normal window glass might look clear, but it has a small amount of iron in it which gives a slightly green tint. And, since shower door and enclosure glass is much thicker than window glass - 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick, it can noticeably effect the color of your tile.

On the other hand, Low iron glass is a lot more expensive, so it's important to consider this option in your bathroom, keeping your tiles in mind. Be sure to check out the low iron glass page for specific tips on how to decide which type of glass to go with for your bathroom.

Coating systems

Your glass door shop will probably offer some glass coatings which you can buy in to. These coatings need to be added at the factory. They repel water causing beads of water to roll right off, and supposedly leave no minerals or deposits behind. The result is glass that needs less cleaning and maintenance - that's the claim, anyway.

On the downside, we were warned to be careful about what types of cleaners are used on the glass. Many cleaning products will remove the coating rendering it useless. If you have a cleaning service come in periodically, you need to worry about what they will use to clean your glass. You can tell them what products to use, but will they remember your instructions?

Channel framing vs holders

The stationary part of the glass shower enclosure gets mounted to your tiles using either some channel framing or some just some small U shaped clamps that leave the frameless glass edge looking very clean where it meets the tile.

The channel framing does not look great, but using the glass clamps means a large bead of caulk gets laid to seal off the edge of the glass against the tile. What's the point. although channel cheapened the look, a large bead of caulk would look cheaper. Be sure to check out today's pictures to see an example of the channel framing.

Shower door handle

Next decision is the shower door handle with or without towel rack. Since holes can only be cut in the glass before tempering, decisions must be made at the time of ordering.

One big surprise is the sheer lack of accessories for these types of shower doors. Door handle / towel racks are available as a single piece unit but you need to make sure whatever your decision, it will clear of obstruction when opened - including any obstacles that the door might open towards like a wall.

You would think that matching towel racks would be available - ones that could be mounted to the stationary parts of the shower enclosure. Apparently not according to our shower door company - which admittedly wouldn't stand a chance of making my list of acceptable contractors - as you will see.

Lets start out with a few pictures of the shower door after it's installed

Picture 1: Bathroom shower door 1
Picture 2: Bathroom shower door 2
Picture 3: Bathroom shower door 3
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