Fitting a recessed bathroom medicine cabinet

and overcoming hidden obstacles that may be hiding inside your bathroom walls

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Recessed medicine cabinets give such a great clean finished look to any bathroom remodeling project, yet few home owners go through with this great option.

If you're interviewing contractors for your bathroom remodeling project and them seem hesitant about doing a recessed medicine cabinet, there may be good reason.

Depending on how old your home is, there could be any number of obstacles behind the wall above your vanity which pose a potential obstruction and prevent the framing required for a recessed medicine cabinet. At the very least, these obstructions can severely limit the size of the cabinet available for your selection.

Our contractor warned us about this possibility, so we decided to find out for ourselves. We temporarily removed the old wall mount medicine cabinet to cut a head sized hole in the wall behind. In the worst case, an nice new wall mount medicine cabinet would be installed that would cover the hole.

One poke with a drywall saw and we were well on our way to cutting a peep hole just big enough to fit a head and light trough to see what was back there. There turned out to be some interesting artifacts behind the wall, but that's where the good news ended.

It became quite obvious that there was some plumbing inside there used to vent the sink sewage line out the roof. And its location would be a factor in what size recessed medicine cabinet we could install.

The workings inside the wall were installed at an angle - probably so the venting could be shared with the other fixtures in the bathroom. Luckily this leave enough room to install a small recessed medicine cabinet.

If the venting was workings and traveled straight up inside the wall from the sink drain, there would have been no way to have our preferred

Heres a good view of the framing in for the recessed medicine cabinet

Picture 1: Medicine cabinet frame 1
Picture 2: Medicine cabinet frame 2
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