Recessed medicine cabinet done

Installation is finally complete

It's looking good compared to the old barn house looking one.

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The old medicine cabinet and vanity mirror was made of wood. It looked terrible - like something you'd find in a home with barn themed decor. That thing in all its ugliness was installed during the previous owners remodeling effort - so to speak.

It's replacement is a recessed model meaning that the mirror is almost flush with the wall, giving the false impression that no medicine cabinet exists. That gives a very clean look as opposed to a regular unit that is mounted on the wall like the old medicine cabinet was.

The size of the cabinet that could be used was limited due to some venting pipes inside the wall - those can't easily be moved, but otherwise a large one could have been installed instead. A recessed medicine cabinet can even span several wall joists - your not forced into something that will fit between standard wall joists.

Your contractor will need to frame in the space inside the wall. This includes the option of cutting any wall joists to make room for a wider medicine cabinet. He can cut way any of this material that is needed to fit the cabinet, and then framing he installs will make the wall whole again.

Custom sized units are available too - there are companies that will cut the medicine cabinets to size and then assemble the custom cabinet before shipping to you. It's a simple enough process because many of these bathroom vanities are made of simple aluminum extrusion cut to pre determined lengths to offer in retail stores and ready for installation.

But for this installation, the limited size imposed by the venting pipes simply means less for clutter to collect - that stuff that gets stored in the medicine cabinet and then never used again. It builds up over time, and the sooner you fill a medicine cabinet with the true essentials, the less time for it to collect unused stuff.

And now, without further delay, todays pictures of the finished recessed medicine cabinet.

Picture 1: Medicine cabinet installation complete
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