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The options are practically endless when it comes to bathroom mirrors. There are so many different types, sizes, styles and colors of bathroom mirrors to choose from that you have all the freedom in the world and can always find that perfect mirror to finish off any bathroom décor. The contemporary bathroom mirror is quite a popular choice and it is easy to see why.


Contemporary bathroom mirrors offer several advantages over other types. The term contemporary in interior design is used to refer to a simple and clean look. Contemporary designs are modern and simplistic in that there are usually only a few streamlined pieces chosen rather than using a bunch of different items which creates clutter.

Contemporary bathroom mirrors

Even if the rest of the home is designed with a more traditional feel, a contemporary bathroom mirror is a great choice because if any room in the home should be modern it is the bathroom. Especially if you have a smaller sized bathroom, you'll want to maximize that space which means including sleek, simple pieces.

Choosing A Mirror

If you've decided to go with a contemporary bathroom mirror there are still a few factors that you're going to need to take into consideration. It is important to remember that the bathroom mirror serves several functions and is not only relied on to look at yourself. The bathroom mirror should create ambiance in the room and really add that perfect finishing touch to the room.

The color of the mirror is one aspect that will have one of the most determining impacts. Wooden framed mirrors are nice but tend to have a more traditional and cozy feel. To stick with that contemporary bathroom mirror ideal, you should go with something along the lines of a black rod framed mirror or stainless steel framed mirror.

Both choices here are neutral and will work with almost any decor and are also very sleek and modern looking.

Of course the size of the mirror that you choose is also very important. A contemporary bathroom mirror should always be quite large but not so much so that it is overwhelming to the size of the room. You will have to work with what space you have available, so get the measuring tape out and write down the measurements to take with you when you head out shopping.

One of the biggest mistakes that decorators make is assuming that they can find the right sized contemporary bathroom mirror by eye. While this may be fun sometimes and you may get lucky, it is always best to measure twice and purchase once. You don't want to get all excited over a mirror only to get it home and find out it doesn't fit.

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