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So you know that you want to buy a bathroom medicine cabinet mirror but you just have no idea how to go about it. These days there are so many choices that it's a wonderful thing and yet overwhelming at the same time. Especially for those new to the decorating world it can be quite the challenge to decide on something like a bathroom medicine cabinet mirror.

Bathroom medicine cabinet mirror

Fortunately with a few tips you can be well on your way to becoming aware of all the options available to you and making the right decision. This is an important decision and one that must have thought and consideration put into it. After all, this mirror is what you will be looking into every morning when you need to get ready before heading out and the medicine cabinet will hold all of your most important and personal items.

Personal Taste

Whether you're decorating for yourself or someone else, personal taste needs to play a major role in this decision overall. While other factors are also going to be used here, you want to make sure that the bathroom medicine cabinet mirror is going to appease the owner of the home.

Size is another important factor. You don't want the mirror to be so large that it's going to be overwhelming in the room but not so small that it doesn't offer good reflection. It's always best to go with a bit larger mirror as opposed to too small because this will help create the illusion of more space in a smaller room.

Check the dimensions of the wall space where you want to mount the mirror and make sure that you have these measurements written down before heading out. The worst thing would be thinking you have found the perfect bathroom medicine cabinet mirror only to get home and find out that it doesn't fit properly.

You will also need to decide on a color. Remember that you can find any mirror you want and, if you are motivated enough, can paint or stain it whatever color you like so your options are really endless here.

Mounting the Mirror

Once you have decided upon the bathroom medicine cabinet mirror that you want to use in the room, mounting the mirror is the next step. Proper hardware will be needed and never assume that the same hardware would be used to mount a larger mirror as would be used for a smaller mirror. The larger the mirror, typically the heavier it will be and the more secure hardware will be required.

A lot of the time professional decorators will actually double up the hardware just to ensure that the mirror is not going to slip and fall down. Safety is always important when installing anything especially in the bathroom where moisture can cause slippage.

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