Framing in a shower bench seat

No more slip and fall worries

A shower seat allows tending to tender bits with tons of tenacity

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If you've got the space, a shower seat is a must-have for any bathroom remodeling project. It's not something you can add afterwords unless you consider one of the portable shower chairs designed for the job. This bathroom remodeling project is definitely going to incorporate a shower bench seat.

Today, the guys have roughed in the bench seat for the shower using 2x4s and 1/2 inch think plywood. We would have liked to see a hollow bench seat (open in the front) so stuff could be stored underneath the bench seat. Our contractor felt that support would be an issue, and he might have had a point, but I doubt it.

Then there was the issue of cleaning. It would have been a real choir to clean if the bench seat were hollow. We might have let that idea go by too easily, but never the less. This is going to be cool either way - hollow or not.

This shower bench seat, will be a real convenience. Imagine washing ones feet without breaking the back. Or shaving your what-nots without fear of slip and fall. Or just sit back relax and enjoy a warm soaking from all the body sprayers.

A shower seat is one of those luxuries that most people would really enjoy but never really have the chance too. In situations where you have a tub / shower combination, not much can be done without a major bathroom remodeling job, which of course, this project is.

Lets not also forget the value a shower seat adds to your home in other less obvious ways. Something like this makes your property much more attractive to older folks, or handicapped folks who would otherwise have difficulty in a stand up-only shower stall.

No, something like this adds only little to the cost of a remodel jobs, but adds plenty to the value of your home. Not just your own enjoyment, but the resale value too - and after all, bathroom remodeling would be a lot less affordable if home resale value weren't part of the equation.

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Here's pics for the framed in shower bench seat. Scrubbing my dirty old feat us sure going to get a lot easier when this remodeing project is done.

Picture 1: Framing shower bench seat
Picture 2: Framing shower bench seat with pan
Picture 3: Framing shower bench seat closeup
Picture 4: Framing shower bench seat wide view
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