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Ugh, those awful wire frame shower condiment racks - shampoo, soap, shaver, beer can. You know, the white vinyl coated wire things designed to dangle from the shower head and contain all your different bathroom shower goodies.

If you don't know my pain, then you've never had one of these things. Your stuff is always falling off or slipping between the wires. Or this one - you buy a new bottle of shampoo and the stupid rack leans over - allowing everything else to slide too. Ugh! ridiculous.

This master bathroom remodeling project is going to solve that problem permanently. Recessed shampoo shelves come to the rescue. This little feature brings great utility and leaves a very clean, integrated look to the entire installation of the shower stall.

There are at least three different ways of incorporating a recessed shampoo box into your bathroom shower remodeling project:

1. Pre-made aluminum boxes are available specifically for this purpose. And if installation of the standard pre-fab boxes don't fit within your constraints, you can always frame your own with 2x4s.

The pre-made aluminum can will come in standard sizes to fit between wall studs. They should have a coating on the outside surface to readily accept mortar and tile.

2. Next, there are some finished products that do not need tiling - they're ready to be mortared into your tiling project, but you're limited in finishes available to match your tile and decor.

The finished recessed shampoo bottle holder can also incorporate additional features like a separate soap dish partition at no extra cost. These features offer a terrific opportunity to incorporate elegant touches that set your bathroom apart for very little expense.

3. Next there's the custom route. If a pre-fab aluminum can isn't available in a size to suit your constraints, you can always have one framed in to your exact measurements. This option may cost a little more (not much since a pre fab can needs framing in too) but you get exactly what you need.

Look, nobody ever complains their master bathroom is too big. Some feature you prefer might not fit your bathroom without custom fabrication.

Space is a premium, and the custom route can solve spacial problems brought on by those ever changing municipal code requirements that preclude using off-the-shelf solutions in an older pre-code home.

Framed in recessed shampoo box pictures - Aluminum metal cans

Picture 1: Framed in shampoo box - before
Picture 2: Framed in shampoo box 2x4s
Picture 3: Framed in shampoo box can
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