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The framing of the shower floor is quite an interesting part of a bathroom remodel. The carpentry techniques and skills required are impressive. You'll see what I mean in today's pictures - it's a little difficult to describe without the accompanying photos for this part of the project. This work probably took our carpenters quite a bit of time to get correct.

Since we found no dry rot after demolition, the workers were able to proceed directly to construction. The lack of dry rot was a very welcome surprise given the amount of moldy smell that would collect in the master bathroom when that door was closed. This was great news and saved a good deal of time and money. Who knows, it might even mean finishing ahead of schedule.

Another interesting change is the location of the drainage pipe. The drainage for this shower location was based on a bathtub / shower combination, naturally the drainage is at the end of the tub. Since a shower stall usually has the drainage in the center of the floor, it would have to move. New drainage plumbing was installed without problem - how they remove the old and replace with new is not clear. With the drainage plumbing built into the framing, it's time to turn attention to the shower stall step.

The step of the shower is one of the most important parts of framing in the shower stall. A step with insufficient height can allow water to exit the shower onto your bathroom floor. Even a slow drain can cause problems if the shower user is not attentive to the fact that the drain is backing up to the point that step spillage is about to occur. A good block of 2 2x4s should make for sufficient height. But any height step is useless if a drain is slower than the water rate. Consider your drain speed and ask questions before the shower floor is completely framed in.

The actual floor framing of the shower stall is interesting. As seen in today's pictures, the shower stall flooring is made of pie shaped pieces of plywood. They're shaped this way to allow shimming these pieces so that water will flow to the drain - the center of the pie piece points. How the carpenters fit these pie pieces together so nice and puzzle tight is a mystery - but that's why we hire them.

Finally seeing your shower stall framed in is an exciting step in the bathroom remodeling process. Things have changed and moved around - plumbing, drainage, and even floor plan layout might have changed. Your ideas are starting to take place and all your hard work is paying off. Framing in the shower floor includes a few different parts - the step, shimming pie shaped pieces, and drainage. It's also one of the most exiting steps of a bathroom remodeling project.

Here are the detailed pictures of the floor framing in of the shower. This is a master bathroom remodeling project with a bathtub to shower conversion

Picture 1: Shower floor framing in 1
Picture 2: Shower floor framing in 2
Picture 3: Shower floor framing in 3
Picture 4: Shower floor framing closeup
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