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Our guys started framing in new construction today after all the demolition that happened yesterday. They've stripped out the bathroom in just one noisy day. They removed the toilet leaving just the flange on the floor. The vanity cabinet and it's molded plastic countertop / sink is gone. Also gone, is the bathtub / shower stall and all the tile that made up the shower.

Today our guys start the construction with framing in with new lumber for the features we discussed with our contractor. You know those wire shampoo and soap holders that hang over the shower head neck? They suck - add a full bottle of shampoo, and the dumb thing leans to the other side, letting the soap slide off. Well, we're going away with that little problem by having shampoo bottles recessed in the wall. The framing 2x4 to support this feature is being done today.

With the bathtub removed, the shower stall can be framed in with 2x4s. Mainly the flooring will need to be done. Framing the shower flooring will need to include drainage - a gradual slope to help coax water towards drain. There's also the step that keeps the water from spilling out onto the floor. The step will consist simply of 2x4s blocked together to frame the step.

Next the floor of the shower stall will be framed with wedge or pie shaped pieces of plywood - see photos below. They're shaped this way so the gradual slope mentioned above can be achieved. Along with some shim work - which unfortunately there are no photos of, the water draining slope can be make correctly.

Likewise, have you ever tried to wash your feet while in the shower? If you're like me, you have the balance of a 3 legged chair, and the task so only moderately simplified using a scrub brush. This little issue is easily fixed with a bench seat in the shower. What a novel idea, it's not exactly something you can add anytime you want - now's the time. So a bench seat is being framed in along with the rest of the shower stall.

Then there's the recessed medicine cabinet that needs to be framed in. Pictures show a big hole in the wall that will receive the framing for this feature. The electrical outlet will move too to accommodate the size of the recessed medicine cabinet. Lots on this little item later though.

Common mispellings: constuction constrution constructo faming consrtuction raming construciton

Here's just a few of the before pictures in the remodeling process. The first one gives the floorplan layout so you know what you're looking at. Time to party in my bathroom!

Picture 1: Framing shower floor
Picture 2: Framing recessed shampoo boxes
Picture 3: Shower bench seat framing
Picture 4: Medicine cabinet framing
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