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This is fun. Admittedly, the idea of shopping for bathroom cabinet knobs does not appeal to a normal man. The idea didn't appeal to me either, but since the wife was kind enough to solicit opinion before vetoing me, what could I do?

All kidding aside, cabinet door knobs can be one of two things: The normal products available - the same stuff everywhere. Or you can search out the more unusual and eclectic knobs that express your personality.

It's not to say that eclectic is unappealing, or somehow a requisite because taste trumps weird every time. But that's not to say you can't have both good taste and unique appeal.

A prime example of this is presented here. Unusual, perhaps even bordering on outrageous to some, without being abject overboard. Judge for yourself in these vanity cabinet knob pictures.

Most large metro areas seem to have one or two joints where you can find these unusual treasures.

Word of mouth or happenstance is often the only way you can find these places. They can be hard to find, and if unusual cabinet knobs are what you're after, you need to check every nook and cranny of every upscale village shop

Now a days, these upscale village communities are all the rage, and in the San Jose Bay Area, we have a few of them.

Here, there's a outdoor mall named Santana Row. It was designed according to this whole hip, upscale plan, and houses accordingly eclectic stores.

These types of 'village' malls are often a good place to find unusual items. On the other hand, the uniqueness of the items find in these places leaves you hoping that quality is substantially enough to survive more than the normal level of poor Chinese product manufacturing quality.

Stone cabinet knob handles are a definitely little unusual, but none the less pretty cool, even if they're not your first choice.

Being made of stone, tough granite crystal at that, makes you wonder how it attaches to the mounting hardware. In fact, one of the knobs was a loss after the stone knob de-glued from the hardware.

Though these granite egg shaped cabinet door knobs are highly eclectic (and thank you wife for seeing their neatness and bringing them home) they're not the cheapest - at $20 each.

Not that $20 for each of four bathroom cabinet door knobs is excessive for something unique and cool.

But if they're not well secured to their mounting hardware then re-gluing will be a job for years to come. Good old Yankee American know how fixes poor Chinese product quality every time.

The nice thing about vanity cabinet knobs is that they're easily changed in a few minutes. If they're too wild, or you change the rooms decor you can always go out and get standard, regular old knobs at a moments notice.

The unusual vanity cabinet knobs in action are available in these pictures.

Picture 1: Vanity cabinet knobs - Wide view
Picture 2: Cabinet knobs - Wide view 2
Picture 3: Cabinet knob
Picture 4: Vanity knob closeup 1
Picture 5: Vanity knob closeup 2
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